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Ode to neoliberal glories

Neoliberalism is a political and economic theory that appeared in the 70s with the Thatcher and Reagan governments, in the United Kingdom and the United States, to promote neoliberal dogma as the most suitable way for the “progress” of humanity.

The reduction of the State, “economic freedom”, “the free market”, privatization of services and all economic activity in the hands of the State, reduction of public spending, financial deregulation, reduction of taxes, among other actions, constitute the pillars of the neoliberal creed.

The application of neoliberal recipes in a homogeneous way –Washington Consensus– significantly harmed the interests of the great majorities: 1) destruction of the monetary sign, with great distortions in the internal market for the formation of prices –inflation–; fertilizing the ground for dollarization, see the Ecuador case. 2) Progressive and sustained deceleration of industrialization processes. 3) Increase in imports to the developed world, strong imbalances in the trade balance. 4) Depreciation of the exchange rate. 5) Precarization of work.

In short, economic activity immersed in a spiral of poverty and inequality at the mercy of institutions – the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund – where countries desperate to survive accepted leonine conditions that not only fueled inequalities and social imbalances, but were also emptied. of its sovereignty, guaranteeing full and absolute subordination to the political project of the hegemon.

The history of the last 54 years is quite instructive regarding the deadly effect of neoliberal dogma. The most recent case is Argentina under the government of Javier Milei. According to the Argentine Social Debt Observatory of the Argentine Catholic University, for the first quarter of the current year, poverty rose to 55,5%, while indigence stood at 17,5% for the same period.

In the face of the presidential elections in Venezuela, the neoliberal proposal is manifested with the privatization of the country's main industry, PDVSA; of Education; State payroll cuts; In short, a series of failed recipes that, preached over and over again, claim to be true, without a serious and autonomous proposal, underestimating the conscience of an entire country that is disgusted with the political Manichaeism of the Venezuelan opposition.

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