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News on Tik Tok

One of the main characteristics of news consumption on social networks has been the validation of content by users, simply for the simple fact of having been disseminated in accounts that are accredited as a journalistic source without being one, or simply for the misunderstanding that virality is synonymous with truth.

This context encourages fake news, post-truth, deep fakes, and the entire range of maneuvers that are currently used to generate anxiety, discredit the prestige of officials or public figures.

The social network that has recently begun to be used for the dissemination and consumption of news is Tik Tok, with the disadvantage that it is also the space where it is most difficult to determine whether or not news is false, according to the most recent Report. of Digital News 2024, made by the agency Reuters.

The phenomenon occurs with a greater incidence in the Asian continent than in the rest of the world, but that does not mean that it is an increasingly common practice in the West.

The survey shows us a glimpse of what is to come and it is most likely that in the medium term the creation of native content for Tik Tok will be a positive practice.

Currently, the customary practice is crossmedia, that is, taking original videos for television and broadcasting them on Tik Tok with the default vertical cut on the screen.

In this way, a powerful social network is used, but the content continues to be for television.

What is truly needed is to create informative content for Tik Tok, with the resources, codes and aesthetics of this social network to disseminate verified information in its spectrum, whose contents are so versatile that they can cover the cultivation of other journalistic genres such as reviews. , chronicle, interview and survey.

The production of own content dedicated to each social network is useful for the fight against fake news.

From the most organic to the most elaborate, it is necessary and also opportune for journalists to make innovative use of the narrative codes of the news.

PS: Congratulations to the journalists on their day. I take this opportunity to share with you my reflection that in these new times the rescue of the ethical exercise of communication is becoming increasingly evident.

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