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Nicolás against all media fences

The media siege imposed on Nicolás Maduro's campaign in Venezuela deserves attention and analysis. This strategy, characterized by information manipulation and the limitation of spaces for the presentation of ideas, poses serious threats to democracy and the information of our people.

Recently, the Head of State denounced to the country the censorship on social networks that imperialism seeks to impose, minimizing the visibility of the street activities that our party has been carrying out throughout the national territory, especially those where the President Maduro is accompanied by crowds who express their love and support.

Given this, the President stated that he will not let himself be defeated and announced the creation of a new communication system to face this situation.

"The opposition's surnames will not be able to defeat us. We will build an agile and effective communication system to respond at every moment and solve every problem.a”, he declared on his account on the social network X.

"They don't want the truth to be known, that the people are in the street."e in support of the Bolivarian government,” he said.

Seen from the analysis, it is important to remember that, despite the efforts of the Bolivarian Government, to democratize information, to open spaces for debate and to promote media and networks, their concentration is still in the hands of large American communication monopolies, similar to opposition groups, protected and financed by the North American government. Which translates, immediately, into an imbalance in the coverage and visibility of Maduro's campaign. This situation distorts reality and prevents our people from accessing information in real time.

The impact of this media siege is reflected in misinformation which, in turn, makes it difficult to form informed opinions and encourages the spread of rumors and conspiracy theories, a breeding ground for fake news.

In this context, it is necessary to follow President Maduro in his call to overcome censorship. On the networks, in the media and in any public space. As we did in 2002. We will defeat misinformation again.

-From the streets to the networks, from the networks to the media, from the media to the walls and radio bemba. She is the great invincible force of the people– which continues with Maduro.

Solidarity with Iran

The tragic death of Ebhahim Raisi, líder Iranian politician and friend of Venezuela, has generated shock and sadness in both the Iranian people and the international community. In this sense, from the Homeland of Bolívar and Chávez we show all our solidarity and support in this moment of mourning, as President Maduro has stated.

A solidarity that is not only limited to expressing condolences, but also to supporting their fight for a just and equitable society, of peace and respect for the self-determination of peoples. A close bond of cooperation and brotherhood that will prevail over time.

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