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Angostura Movement

On February 23, 2018, Admiral Kurt Walter Tidd signed a document considered top secret called: Plan to overthrow the Venezuelan Dictatorship—“Masterstroke.” “Steps to accelerate the definitive overthrow of Chavismo and the expulsion of its representative.”

In parallel, several “influencers” spread videos ridiculing Simón Bolívar, some pseudo artists paint him grotesquely, writers from Colombia, Peru, Venezuela and Spain discredit him and intellectuals at the service of the decadent Western civilizational model give conferences against him in several universities which are spread on the Internet.

We must remember that, during Bolívar's lifetime, James Monroe sent emissaries such as John Baptist Irvine, Henry Clay and William Tudor to torpedo the Bolivarian management. In 1936, a Chicago gangster named Walt Disney named Donald Duck's St. Bernard dog Bolivar.

In the secret document, the Yankee admiral speaks of a “shortage of roots.” Could it be that this marine believes that the legacy of the father of the Nation is poorly rooted in the conscience of the people? Well, allow me to tell the new regicide of the Southern Command that the Venezuelan people, today in the morning, will make the formal presentation of the Angostura Movement in defense of the Liberator of the South of America in the Plaza Bolívar in Caracas.

There we will answer: Why is there a campaign against the Liberator Simón Bolívar? (1) Because he was anti-slavery, environmentalist, feminist, anti-oligarch and defender of indigenous peoples. (2) Because on October 24, 1829, the Liberator promulgates the Decree of Quito in which he establishes that "mines of any kind correspond to the Republic." (3) Because on February 15, 1819, Bolívar, in Angostura, addressing the constituents of July 5, 1811, said that our code is not that of Washington. (4) Because on October 10, 1817, Bolívar decreed in Angostura the Law of Distribution of National Assets among the people in arms that formed the Republican Army in which he established that "the Government will ensure that the partitions are made in the most according to the interests of all, for which many may come together or accompany each other.” (5) Because Bolívar in Angostura, on October 7, 1817, responded to Uncle Sam: “I will not allow the government and rights of Venezuela to be insulted or despised. Defending them against Spain, a large part of our population has disappeared and the rest that remain are eager to deserve the same fate. "It is the same for Venezuela to fight against Spain as against the entire world, if everyone offends it."

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