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Doctors, judges and teachers

Dear readers, due to an emergency in a critical situation of my health and the surgical resolution completed, it was impossible to write my opinions in the last five weeks, but I have returned thanks to Dr. Miguel Vitale and his efficient team of doctors, nurses and nurses who helped me. They assisted me throughout the entire process of my illness. I was well cared for by Venezuelan doctors, well trained in our medical schools, with their specialized knowledge, technical training and diligence in good patient treatment by the clinic staff who welcomed me with all their technological means in the surgical procedure. . I reiterate my thanks to all of them and to Santiago de León. They are Venezuelan doctors who practice here, others practice outside the country, but they are good professionals anywhere. I say this because in that doctor-patient relationship we perceive the special qualities of our people, such as their scientific competence, their feeling of human solidarity and professional honesty.

Health, as well as justice and education, are constitutional priorities. And I mean them together. This means that the Bolivarian Constitution would not make sense without these three fundamental social rights; but it also means the obligation of the State to guarantee doctors who provide services in outpatient clinics, general hospitals and other public medical centers, a fair and decent salary. The same for the judges who administer justice and for the teachers in charge of teaching.

They deserve the best salaries. A fair and decent salary for a judge would make a less corrupt justice possible, that is, it would ensure that a jurisdictional act does not become a venal act. Of course, a well-paid teacher, without the risk of starvation wages, is a guarantee of everyone's right to a comprehensive, permanent quality education, as stated in the Constitution.

Finally, I take advantage of this opportunity to recognize the good level of professional capacity of our doctors, as well as express the obligation that the Venezuelan State has to provide fair and decent salaries to doctors, judges and teachers so that these fundamental processes of health, justice and education can achieve their goals. I repeat, health and the right to life, justice and education are constitutional priorities.

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