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They kill priests in another way

They will not be able to hide what they did and were in the past and what they do and are in the present. The past portrays them as much as the present portrays them. What do we mean by this? Always in favor of the imperial enemy and against the people. We are referring in this case to Leopoldo Castillo, named as the matacura, and to the paper candidate of the so-called unit, Edmundo González Urrutia, the one a diplomat in El Salvador and the other an advisor, at the time of the so-called death squads, in which occurred the El Mozote massacre, in December 1981, seen as one of the darkest and most forgotten episodes in history carried out under the command of Colonel Domingo Monterrosa, military chief in the service of Washington, by the Atlácatl battalion of the Salvadoran Armed Forces. Did they participate in El Mozote?

It is worth mentioning one of the many sad and horrendous episodes narrated by one of the many victims. A woman full of horror and traumatized, she recounted how she lost all of her children, how she heard the crying and clamoring of all the other children in the village, the screams of the women and girls who were raped. It was not yet genocide in Palestine.

A total of 989 is the number of people murdered. The modus operandi consisted of forcing the residents to go out to the town square, separating the men from the women and children. They locked the women and children in the church and ordered the men and women to remain in the square.

It is considered the worst military massacre in America, the victims continue to ask for justice. While impunity dominates in the case.

The little angel Castillo asserted that his role consisted of seeking dialogue between the parties in conflict and pacification of the region. It's true? Judging by his support for the request for sanctions, for the request for a military assault on Venezuela by María Corina Machado, for the propitiation by Juan Guaidó, for the theft of Citgo and his contracting of Operation Gedeón so that North American forces would come in to kill and They stole the Orinoco Oil Belt, and many other garbage that we all know, one would say no. Priests are killed in another way.

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