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There are 665 pages that condense the book Maja mia, which are complemented by the seven of the index that we have received from Minister Ernesto Villegas Poljak, who is in charge of the Culture office, and that we are consuming, highlighting that the last three contain graphs of the time of growth and development of the Poljak Bauer sisters, in which “Yanka and Maja appear rehearsing a choreography in Zagreb”, a territory that is part of the disappeared Yugoslavia, the same one that Ukraine suffered and is suffering, which thanks to the North American empire and lackeyism of the European Union, is at odds with Russia.

In the presentation of the great historical work about his mother, the intellectual, revolutionary and also colleague of the immense profession of journalist, Ernesto Villegas Poljak, member of a family of eight siblings, of whom we can mention the journalists Mario and Vladimir Villegas , without ignoring the one that bears the name of a continent, Asia, currently a member of the National Assembly, begins by reviewing us: “The effort for this book, even if it had not reached the press, was more than worth it. I wanted to vindicate Maja, my mother, with her individuality as a woman, a journalist, with her own career that preceded her vital encounter with my beloved father Cruz Villegas (…) Maja took me by her hand and took me into the stories of the world, continents, countries, wars, organizations, religions and characters that, otherwise, would continue to present themselves to me in a distant, immense and unconnected nebula (…) It has put me on the path, also historical angles and corners until now sufficiently unexplored by me in this beautiful country where I was born and which adopted her as a daughter, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (…) These pages serve to keep track of Maja Poljak since she left the placid garden of her maternal home in Visoca Ulica, in the historic heart of Zagreb -former Yugoslavia-, until his death in Caracas, on August 21, 2010…”.

We worked in the Municipal Comptroller's Office and in 1966 we went to a political event in the Nuevo Circo, organized by Arístides Bastidas where she bravely took two of her children and on stage denounced the kidnapping of her husband Cruz Villegas, who was president of the Cutv, and thereby prevent the same thing from happening to Alberto Lovera from Margarita and to the more than 3.000 disappeared by the Puntofijismo governments.

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