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The bad losers

“Violence is the weapon of the
that they are not right” (Anonymous)

We are going through an interesting Venezuelan political-electoral situation, when we approach the electoral campaign in a formal way (between July 4 and 25) that allows us to address some political elements that emerge as dominant, such as: all the polls of opinions made so far give a percentage that exceeds 50% in the intention to vote in favor of the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, as a candidate for re-election for Chavismo.

And those same opinion studies present other results that are common to them, when they place in second place and with favorable percentages that are around 20% as vote intention, and the other 8 opposition presidential candidates appear with very low numbers, the which are almost impossible to overcome, when there are less than 30 days until the presidential elections on Sunday, July 28, 2024.

However, there is one point that is very important to highlight and that is the significant messages of violence that the most extremist political sector of the anti-Chavista extreme right is launching, when they are already sabotaging the national electrical system and vandalizing the Angostura bridge to seek its fall.

These neo-fascist sectors supported by US imperialism are carrying out an entire media war through the perverse figure of “political rumor”, when they are saying that the National Electoral Council plans to suspend the presidential elections due to a lack of ideal conditions for their holding, but that it is only a campaign to create distrust in the electoral process, since the extremist opposition plans to claim fraud.

Another element that is part of the “V” plan with a “v” for violence is that they plan to generate an atmosphere of chaos around the voting centers and the rebirth of the guarimbas, to ask for military help from the US Government.

Another variable in the national far-right's plans for political violence consists of the resignation of the poster presidential candidate a few days before the elections and accusing Chavismo that it is going to steal their votes.

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