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The chosen ones

For the "líderIt is very easy to do politics on the right because their campaigns are based on exogenous forces, which go far beyond their own capabilities, their merits, their proposals, the real leadership of their leaders.

It happens almost all over the world, in most countries where there are United States embassies, this country, representing transnational companies that finance Democrats and Republicans, carefully selects the names and surnames to which they will raise their hands. , they recruit them, they prepare them in their universities, they forge their political careers.

The only indispensable condition that this “líder” is to accept the role assigned to it by the United States, to obtain the protection of international capital and its allies in the world, in exchange for facilitating all the agreements, contracts and agreements that put the natural wealth of that country (gold, oil, copper, etc) in the hands of the transnational companies that make up the economic elite of the day.

Each signed agreement brings with it a commission in millions of dollars, and guarantees the “chosen one” immunity from any complaint from nationalist groups that seek to defend sovereignty.

The lobby that moves behind these “figures” is impressive, the favoritism of the press, the visibility they give it on social networks, the public relations around those who have been “elected.” Their photos are impeccable, perfectly lit, the press releases always favorable, the staging without improvisations, a charming prepaid exercise in image construction, or political branding, as they call it now.

The projection of the “elected” involves rubbing shoulders with renowned national and international figures, they are received by artists, athletes, gringo congressmen and the most top, they have a free door to the White House, with the right to take photos with the president of the United States.

For the common citizen, this reality is not so objective. In his eyes none of that happens; They are manipulated without realizing it. Due to ignorance, they are capable of meekly supporting their enemies even if it costs them their quality of life. They are more willing to buy the hate speech against the left, because on that side there are no “chosen ones.”

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