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The sanctions

Let us make clear the objectives of the elites who seek the power and world domination of capitalism (global neoliberalism) under the leadership of the United States: to have global control of all the needs for living, survival, and all present energy sources and future: oil, water, coal, gas, electricity, etc.
How can we deny that the United States, since the end of the Second World War, has exercised an economic, cultural, military and political hegemony to which the elites and governments of many countries in the world have been subordinated. That hegemony and power became more aggressive, extensive and dominant with the fall of the Soviet Union and consequently the “end” of the abrasive Cold War.

Having clear objectives, that power was also present in practically all multilateral, global and regional institutions and organizations (including NATO) that emerged from and to overcome, avoid savage conflicts and civilize the world.
The United States and subordinate Europe control the “forms” of war: conventional-military, economic war and economic or non-economic sanctions (military intervention and/or sanctions) that they approve through global organizations, groupings of countries or unilaterally, to apply them in any nation in the world.

In the case of Venezuela, it is uncomfortable to say it but it is more painful to admit it: our territorial proximity, our cultural link to the “American way of life”, our resources, dependence on the orbit of the dollar, economy and international financial system dominated by the US, allowed The damage caused by the economic war and the sanctions carried out by the US and the parasitism of its allies were deeper.

There is not a person of any age in Venezuela who has not been affected by the genocidal war of sanctions, causing, for example, the largest inflation and migration in the history of the republic. The desire to do human harm is so great that in the midst of a global pandemic (covid-19) we were not allowed to buy vaccines, medicines, face masks, etc.

The historical legacy: Pedro Camejo, Carabobo, Ayacucho, Sucre, Bolívar, Zamora; the resistance and hope of all Venezuelans together with a Government that believes in us, we will defeat the sanctions. Overcome!

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