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NATO raises its threat

While the Ukrainian fascists were attacking civilian areas of cities in Russia and the popular republics of Lugansk and Donetsk, resulting in civilians being murdered, the elites of the West maintained a complicit silence and did not prevent it. But now that Russia has taken action to create security zones that stop being firing ranges and prevent Ukrainian fascists from continuing to kill civilians, NATO in panic called on all members to allow the use of their long-range weapons. supplied to Ukraine to attack in depth territory of the Russian Federation. This decision crosses a red line that leads to a new escalation of the conflict in Ukraine and may even bring closer the apocalypse of the use of nuclear weapons, first tactical and then strategic.

The above refers more to the use of weapons supplied by the US, since in other cases the Ukrainian fascists were even using them to kill civilians. Now Washington is preparing to authorize Ukraine to use its weapons, for the moment only to Russian territory bordering the Kharkiv region, although it leaves the door open for new authorizations and will help Ukraine locate Russian targets. That is to say, President Biden's re-election ambitions can lead humanity to the abyss. A true madness, since Ukraine has recently attacked Russian radars of its security system against strategic nuclear attacks, and we already know that a technical error can unleash nuclear hell. Russia will find ways to confront the new escalation. The Russian Government has been very responsible and measured. But if the escalation continues, what would happen if Russia, in legitimate reciprocity, decided to apply the same proxy war methods and provide long-range weapons to US enemies, for example, the Houthis and others with indications of locating US targets such as military bases and ships?

What perfidy of the West, they call for a “peace” conference in Switzerland, but this new escalation of war precedes it! Macron is awarded the Westphalian Peace Prize and at the same time calls to bomb Russia! A Russophobic way of understanding peace?

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