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The Matacuras mascot

They ask me why the United States insists on selecting unknown figures, presenting them as “líderis from the opposition” and even impose them on his acolytes as presidential candidates.

The answers may be obvious, but they require context.

The most obvious thing is that a part of the opposition, the most pitiyanqui, has not been able to forge itself in the field of politics. They have remained alien to this practice and, therefore, lack the mental and practical tools to act politically.

They have believed that politics is a quick way to make money and they have acted, without shame, in the most corrupt practices to accumulate the maximum in the shortest time.

They have traveled this path without suffering criticism, because news companies, purchased journalists and paid social media teams from the United States have praised all of their appearances. They have a journey that seems free of errors and, therefore, void of learning. They have failed in all their attempts, but in their sector no one has given them responsibility for the defeat.

The leadership focus of that sector of the opposition is also unrelated to politics, that is, Miami, the place to which Washington delegates its actions towards Latin America.

In this city, one of the most corrupt in the world, mafias operate that obtain resources from the American Administration to conspire and destabilize. There you don't think about politics, you think about dollars. They fail in politics, but they are successful in theft. They are all already millionaires. The Cubans, the Nicaraguans and the Venezuelans. Even more millionaires, the gringos who process that money.

In the Venezuelan case, this mafia is connected to the sickest area of ​​the political spectrum. The assessment of the situation in Venezuela is made from the narcissism and classism of rancid surnames and, therefore, the result cannot be other than contempt for the Venezuelan people. “Pueblo” is a variable that they do not know and that does not appear in their categories of

This vision is marked by a sick fantasy that ensures that the economic war, the policies of suffocation of the Venezuelan economy, have necessarily led the population to prefer “anything” over the Bolivarian Government.

From this premise, it is logical for them to place “anything” as an alternative. They did it before with the idiot Juan Guaidó, now they do it with the Matacuras mascot.

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