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The importance of presidential dynamics

By tradition and by legal norms, we are an excessively presidential country, the product of a variety of factors of a diverse nature that it represents in the organization of the Venezuelan State. This means, therefore, being an official with a personality of consensus, given the diversity of factors and trends present in the field where he or she must manage and lead. With his performance, he will be a visible model in the public organization that he will manage and in the society that has appointed him for this complex function that requires so much talent as a leader.

I hope you understand that the Government is a very diverse and heterogeneous organization, in which it must have a human team mentality that is required to achieve coherent results in the variety of spaces of diverse interests that need order, leadership.

The surrounding work team must be informed in a truthful and timely manner, and establish a fluid relationship with the 24 state governors and more than 300 municipal mayors who also contribute their sphere of competence in satisfying collective needs.

The President of the Republic must draw up the sectoral plans together with the team of specialists available in the ministries and autonomous bodies of different nature and sectors. He must periodically consult these teams and take into account the proposed diagnoses that they may formulate. The President of the Republic does not usually give up on these teams, but rather reaches out to the ministers. It is the vision of these officials with which he can act more firmly and activated in the range of solutions demanded by the sectors of complex society. Of course, he cannot be a president screwed in the capital. He must make frequent work tours and feel in situ the problems and needs with the vision of the sectors and communities. The President is from the entire republic, not just from Caracas. Work tours are a valuable instrument in executive decision making. They are live versions that are not transmitted to you by ministers from their desks in the capital. Hence the enriching dynamic of the President's frequent tours with his work teams and the analyzes that become irreplaceable and timely. The Presidency is much more than Miraflores. It is a complex sphere that rotates incessantly every day.

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