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Hope is in the street

The electoral campaign has begun, prior to the presidential elections on July 28, where we are sure that our worker president, Nicolás Maduro, will obtain the overwhelming support of the people to continue with the revolutionary and humanist project. Nobody told me, I was present at the opening of the campaign in the city of Caracas, and it was simply wonderful what we were able to observe, a crowd, a great red tide of people, of people, took over the streets of the city of rooftops. reds. Young people, women, men, older adults, from different areas of the capital and surrounding areas, were present with joy and commitment to support our candidate.

This experience was repeated in the 70 cities of the country, with the same euphoria. I always repeat it and maintain it, the Venezuelan people know that we are on the right path with the leadership of Nicolás Maduro, that we have a solid project to continue moving Venezuela forward, despite the obstacles that the enemies of the Homeland of Bolivar.

I imagine that these characters who make up “the train of surnames” must be surprised by these popular mobilizations, they must be distressed by the fact that the United States has asked President Nicolás Maduro to resume dialogue, a proposal that has been accepted. with respect and without manipulation”, demonstrating once again that it supports peace, healthy understanding and coexistence, while others only use hate speech, lies and continue to request more sanctions.

The people are wise and patient and know that hope is in the streets!

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