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Tarek William Saab's defense of the dignity of Venezuela is heard around the world

The Attorney General of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Dr Tarek William Saab has been exposing with great dignity and courage the truth of Venezuela, in matters of Human Rights, before various national and international scenarios... Just as he did impeccably a few months ago in the Committee of Human Rights of the UN (Geneva) and a few weeks ago before the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court himself Karim Khan: whom he courageously summoned in the National Assembly to speak out against Israel's war crimes against the Palestinian people in Gaza: and I have no doubt as a teacher that this was a powerful alarm that Saab set off so that the ICC Prosecutor recently issued an arrest warrant for Netanyahu days ago:

Well, that is the conclusion that is left to those of us who had the opportunity to see through the videos broadcast, that masterful and brave intervention of the Venezuelan Attorney General in front of a disgruntled Karim Khan and unable to hide his discomfort at this worthy position to act against to extermination against the Palestinian people.

These aforementioned meetings take place in face-to-face work meetings and for this reason it is good to remember today - when the US threatens to exercise sanctions against the ICC - how the speech made by the Venezuelan Attorney General before Karim Khan resonates in the National Assembly: in the which Tarek spoke with great integrity and confidence about the undeniable advances of Venezuela in the promotion, development and preservation of human rights, where it is worth remembering the historical contributions in this matter of our legendary defender of Human Rights: who assumed many risks has made relevant contributions in this matter; being a tireless activist in grassroots committees or in relevant positions such as Ombudsman and Constituent Editor of Title III of Human Rights in the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela... nothing to do with that worthy trajectory of bravery of struggle and testimonies with the mercenary action paid for tens of thousands of $ that the US and the EU transfer to the current Venezuelan NGOs.

Tarek William Saab, emphatically denounced, and it is good to remember him ending this month of May 2024 in full progress of the Israeli genocide against Palestine: he denounced - I repeat - before the Prosecutor of the ICC that some international organizations have interestedly wanted to show Venezuela as a State stigmatized in the disrespect of Human Rights: while the Attorney General stated that “These same hypocritical organizations are complicitly silent in the face of the current Genocide, massacres and crimes against humanity that the State of Israel brutally commits in Gaza, exterminating children, elderly and pregnant women.”

It is very possible, taking stock of 7 months of Zionist massacre in Gaza: that this is the only time that the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court Karim Khan has encountered an Attorney General from any country in the world who exposes him face to face with courage and dignity and with the diplomatic rigor and respect required in these cases: the truth of his country and has denounced, at the same time, the atrocious crimes of the Israeli Zionist State, towards which that High Criminal Court unusually did not turn its gaze but a few hours ago after a serial mortality never seen before.

The Attorney General of the Republic, Tarek William Saab, firmly explained that the Venezuelan justice system continues to advance inflexibly in momentous investigations, and listed in detail the figures of indictments, accusations and sentences of State agents who exceeded or lost their powers. authentic institutional functions have carried out human rights violations in isolation.

Let us remember that in October 2023, in the same vein as this meeting with Karim Khan, the Attorney General of Venezuela, Dr. Tarek William Saab, also made an impeccable and forceful presentation in Geneva (Switzerland) in defense of the Venezuelan State, based on statistics. , numbers and irrefutable arguments that he presented with great firmness and conviction before the experts of the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations (UN).

On that occasion, the Venezuelan Attorney General made an incontrovertible and unprecedented illuminating dissertation within that high organization to dismantle the false narrative and misinformation about human rights that the aforementioned committee had improperly assumed to be true, when in reality its broadcasting sources came from of entities fervently declared enemies of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

At that time, Dr. Tarek William Saab elaborated on many details supporting his thesis, citing, for example, the serious attack and attempted assassination of the President of the Republic (2018), the attempted coup d'état on April 30, 2019, and the infamous invasive operation known as Gideon (2020), events that were clearly explained by Dr. Tarek William Saab to irrefutably prove before the committee that the people prosecuted and convicted for these monstrous actions against the Republic and its institutions were not punished for their political thought, if not for their abhorrent and dark crimes of a criminal nature carried out against the peace of our Country and its institutions.

Peter Contreras
(Former president of the Legislative Council of Anzoátegui.- Barcelona May 23, 2024)

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