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The electoral campaign of the right

Between 2015 and 2022, the Venezuelan economy suffered a loss estimated at between 642 billion dollars of gross domestic product due to the different variables that caused the sanctions, an unimaginable figure that added to a set of continuous sabotages of life. productive of the country.

The figure is so categorical that it far exceeds the gross domestic product of all of South America calculated at approximately 606 million dollars.

This eschatological amount of lost money shows us the most violent face of the sanctions strategy, 930 measures that had the effect of a kind of bombardment with precision missiles on PDVSA and other branches of the economy.

This economic attack, which reduced the income of foreign currency to Venezuela by the same proportions, left all commercial exchange operations at the mercy of the so-called parallel dollar, which produced a free fall of the bolivar. The devaluation reached supernatural levels, three monetary reconversions tried to stop the debacle, at least 14 zeros were eliminated and the loss of value against the dollar exceeded the figure of 3,1 trillion percent.

The devaluation wreaked havoc and unleashed hyperinflation that also added up to billions of dollars between 2013 and 2019. It was a crisis of supernatural dimensions that can only be explained through a war economy created from the centers of financial power in the world. In 2019 alone, annual inflation amounted to 344.000%.

Recently, the president explained that Venezuela went from $57 billion in oil resources in one year to $700 million the following year, that is, it lost “99% of income due to actions that de-supplied the market.” internal at 80%”.

Several political groups from very well-off sectors acted viciously, lobbying in the United States to request these sanctions, giving “legitimacy” to such measures.

They normalized the destruction of the economy and the suffering of the people as the center of their campaign to assault political power, today they take to the streets with impunity to ask for the vote, blaming Chavismo for all the evils planned and executed without scruples, so Cynical is the democracy of the right.

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