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Judith Valencia, time now

There is no more clear speech regarding the complexity of historical time than the one I heard from Judith Valencia, that “they were”, that past that is this now and that will be later, to explain world geopolitics from the Condor Plan or the Alliance for Progress. Also the Caribbean culture, Bolívar, Chávez-Fidel.

The generational unity and the imperial strategy of dividing the generations, to hide what is present and what is past and can be future. But not as an ascending line but rather an elliptical one, that is, not a perfect ellipsis, but cyclical advances or retreats or nothing, neither forward nor backward. Furthermore, it does so from a totally complex and intelligible thought, with data, with facts with history, not with unintelligible figures. It's the closest I've heard to doing a truly non-Eurocentric, non-Western, decolonial history.

The achievements are not only macroeconomic figures, which are difficult to understand, but rather that militant woman in insurgent history who was a cachifa in the 80s and today is a university professor at Unearte. The grandmother who can now read with her grandson and is proud of her can write and read with the Yes I Can method. How she plays with the future that has already reached us, from that science fiction film When Destiny Catches Up with Us. I recommend that interview by journalist Karen Méndez from Venezuela-News.com, in which the audiovisual creator Alberto Alvarado also participates, all three wonderful, Venezuela and its long struggle. In addition to Judith's sharp wisdom and her activism as an essential woman, with that totally seductive voice, it kills me to see the photos when she paraded in Balenciaga dresses in open-topped Mercedes Benz to raise funds for the Red Cross, in which my friend also participated. girlfriend María Elena Lovera Machado, another ñángara beauty. Anyone who wasn't revolutionary seeing those women, he was crazy.

How many girls have not told me that they dream of reaching Judith's age with that vitality. What will it be with that current capacity.

She looks like Fidel when she is in any meeting, she writes down, she studies, she is not arrogant or arrogant, she lives learning and that is why she can continue teaching with such relevance. Talking about the human and the divine with her is a delight. Her criticism of liberalism and progressivism. Her will to remain the unusual and extraordinary threat that she and the Homeland are.

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