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Artificial intelligence on the mat

I return to the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) regarding an event that took place last week at the School of Social Communication of the Central University of Venezuela (ECS-UCV) and in which, to the calm of many teachers and some students, it became a good opportunity to notice the real challenges we face in the academic field with the emergence of new AI tools.

This was due to the quality of the speakers, among whom the columnist colleague from Últimas Noticias, Alvin Lezama, who warned about the hidden interests of enormous transnational companies, as well as great national powers, “because technology is neither neutral nor apolitical,” and warned that what this corporate-state alliance seeks is a new global order of domination. Furthermore, Lezama highlighted the role of critical thinking so that citizens can discern between facts and propaganda, given that the latter constitutes the most important and strategic use and purpose of many of the new “goodies” of AI in the field of mass communication.

For this same thematic aspect, Professor Moraima Guanipa also pointed out how tools for generating images, texts, audios and videos by AI threaten not only jobs, but also the veracity and quality of the information used and reproduced by health professionals. journalism.

In short, it was not an unfounded rejection of the use of these new technologies in the Social Communication profession. Nothing to see. But rather a warning about its indiscriminate use without a hint of ethical or deontological reflection.
Modestly, at the meeting we gave our contribution from the concept of second-degree thinking or applied philosophy. We do not criticize the reflection, also fair, necessary and urgent, on “doing”. Those who simply celebrate the arrival of new AI tools do so from first-degree thinking, that is, without any criticism. But the university and research, especially in the area of ​​the humanities, must consider the true causes, the hidden interests, as well as the effects and underlying realities, issues that can only be accessed from critical thinking, from an applied philosophy.

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