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Incredible: A friend of Netanyahu and a CIA officer want to be president of Venezuela

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1.- Bone marrow transplants… It is pertinent to highlight an explanation provided by Luis Vicente León, a “nail in the tail” opponent, about the so-called sanctions. León said that such sanctions applied to the Bolivarian Government (Pdvsa, Corpoelec, Central Bank) but not against private individuals: A private individual can import a Ferrari car, but, for example, not an electric generator that the entire West needs, nor the kits. bone marrow to be transplanted for boys and girls held in the JM of Los Ríos. 

I cannot let this statement from the president of Datanalisis pass by, because this has been one of the most reprehensible robberies in the recent history of Venezuela, committed by Guaidó, Leopoldo López, “Doña Violencia”, Julio Borges, Carlos Vecchio, Iván Simonovis, Ramos Allup; They appropriated the money that Citgo allocated, through the Simón Bolívar Foundation, to operate on girls and boys with cancer. As a result, many died. And now they want to come to power, hoping that the Venezuelan people forget about such a monstrosity. Those murderers, although they did not use bombs, are as criminal as Netanyahu.

2.-Mature Mode… Don't worry because there are still about 46 days until the presidential elections on July 28. This uncontrollable flow of love for the winning candidate, Nicolás Maduro, cannot be stopped. We have to maintain the campaign. It is forbidden to underestimate terrorist candidates. We are going to declare ourselves “Mature Mode” 24 hours a day. We have to prevent the enemies of the country from coming to power. We risk the future of our sons and daughters, our grandchildren, our families. As comrade Diosdado Cabello, vice president of the Psuv, says, we are going to fight this battle and together we will get ahead.

3.- The daring of “Doña Violencia”… It is unfortunate that there are people who allow themselves to be entangled by a lady like this, a political adventurer formed on the whims of an oligarch family; never in the heat of Venezuelan politics. I say this for the criminals of Vente Venezuela, who are fugitives in the Argentine embassy. Those bandits are going to pay for lending themselves to the conspiratorial acts of “Doña Violencia”, and she cares little. She doesn't even mention them. And if for some reason she names them, it is because it is convenient for her, otherwise, not even pending, despite knowing that they could go to jail.

4.-Prison riots… This is another old practice, very common in the Fourth Republic during electoral periods. No one has any doubt that these riots that occur in the country's prisons are provoked with the sole purpose of generating chaos that affects the image of our winning candidate, Nicolás Maduro. So much so that the Minister for Popular Power of Justice and Peace, Remigio Ceballos, warned that they discovered a plan to alter the Venezuelan prison system, and that they took the case to the Supreme Court of Justice. We face candidates from the terrorist opposition, supported by the North American empire. Maximum alert.

5.- They would end the missions… It is obvious that the terrorist opposition, if it were denied coming to power, would put an end to everything that smells of Chávez and Maduro. It would destroy missions and great missions.

A hecatomb. I ask you, friend and friend who read me: if the terrorist right wins, what do you think would happen to the high school graduates who study at the Bolivarian University of Venezuela? At that alma mater alone there are currently 56 thousand students in all its campuses in the country. 

I go further. At the National Polytechnic Experimental University of the Armed Forces (Unefa), in its 25 years of creation, 185 thousand professionals have graduated. What would happen to them? Now, let's think about the doctors that those coup plotters have always defamed, vilified, and attacked. . I have no doubt they would smash their diplomas in his face.

In a hypothetical case, the misogynistic CIA officer wins, because “Doña Violencia” is not even a candidate, she would ruin all those university degrees, and that would be a tragedy. There is a lot of sacrifice that a person makes to pursue their studies and obtain a career.

They would end the pensions of our old men and women. They would destroy the millions of beneficiaries of the homeland system. I see them making a bonfire with the cards. If Orlando Figuera was set on fire alive, aren't they going to be able to make a pile of that plastic to set it on fire at a public event?

The vendettas do not want professionals trained with Bolivarian ideals, but with the gringos, so that we are submissive to these genocidaires. Let us always keep in mind that the misogynist is a murderer with the rank of CIA officer, who would hand over the country to these criminals.

6.- The human misery of the priests who are with satan... Before beginning, I clarify that there are priests of the Catholic Church who deserve the respect of their entire parish. There are others who, on the contrary, bow down to the devil.

I am going to refer to the latter, not because they use the pulpit as the home of some political party, but because of their support for the misogynist, CIA officer. These priests, mainly those of the Venezuelan Episcopal Conference (CEV), are aware that the candidate they support participated in the murder of four nuns and other religious in El Salvador, when he was a second-in-command of Leopoldo Castillo, at that time. Venezuelan ambassador to the Central American country.

If those priests are not hurt by the murder of those nuns and those religious, what can hurt them? They are faithful to their own congregation. And the only thing those little sisters did was help the poor and denounce the atrocities of the dictatorship. 

In any case, the death of a human being, more so in the way they killed those religious people, must be above ideological preferences. It is life, the most precious thing that people have on earth, but as I said at the beginning: those priests are possessed by satan.

7.- Incredible: A friend of Netanyahu and a CIA officer want to be president of Venezuela... In this dictator, tyrant, come-gent Government, there is a presidential election on July 28 and the candidates are conspirators, some apparently retired, others active like “Doña Violencia” and the misogynistic CIA officer.

Doña Violencia, in addition to the criminal record she presents, is a friend of genocidaires like Benjamín Netanyahu, the ringleader of the massacre in Palestine supported by the gringos. She, who acts as a candidate without being a candidate, has had to distance herself from this criminal, but she has not even been able to deplore the massacre in the Gaza Strip. 

On the contrary, a letter dated December 4, 2018 came to light, which she addressed to Netanyahu and Mauricio Macri, president of Argentina that year, in which she asks for military intervention from that pair of criminals. One more example that this lady has always been a traitor to the country, that she has shown off her criminal condition.

The other is the misogynist, a man who, as an ambassador from Argentina, ended up as an officer of the CIA, a gringo organization in charge of espionage in the countries it wants to invade or bomb.

Despite this, in Venezuela he is a candidate and the media scoundrel presents him as a brand new alternative for the presidency of Venezuela, when he is a murderer “Mata Monjas”. Furthermore, if he is a CIA officer, it is known that he is a murderer. 

However, this dictatorial regime allows it and guarantees all its rights. But, on July 28 there are presidential elections and, under no circumstances, can it be accepted that a criminal of that ilk becomes president.

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