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You have to vote, voting

For some time there has been a particular situation that has been characterizing the so-called political extremism (the extreme right and the ultra-left) in Venezuela, because they have controlled social networks and digital portals, in which they write any number of inconsistencies based on anti-Chavista arguments. supported by political hatred and a disrespectful underestimation of the intelligence of the majority...

The concrete fact is that when I review social networks and read the crazy things that the radical opponents write, I find a phrase that adds another peculiarity to this strange presidential electoral process, heading to Sunday, July 28, 2024 and that It caught my attention: “My vote is not to vote,” which generated a triad of strategic questions in my interpretative reflection: How can you vote without going to vote? If you are going to vote for us, are you voting? Does it make sense to say that your vote means not going to vote?…

This means that we have several unusual indicators in this electoral campaign: 1.- there are nine presidential candidates that each of them says are the true opposition 2.- there is “a poster candidate” who is embarrassed to say that he is a candidate and the person who is doing the electoral campaign, she is not a candidate, but she says that if “the photo candidate” wins, she will be the President of Venezuela 3.- everything leads to the majority punishment vote being against a very divided opposition 4. - We have a pro-imperialist and unpatriotic extreme right, which in an unusual way asks for more sanctions against the country, but they are also asking for votes...

Now we must add to this incoherent electoral political equation of the most extreme sectors of anti-Chavismo, when they are asking you to vote invalid, if you are going to vote, how do they ensure that, in the case of not going to vote, this is a way of voting passively? ?

It is important to clarify that when a person is registered in the permanent electoral registry they become voters, and anyone who does not go to vote at the voting center assigned to them is abstention or non-political participation, but not a way of voting.

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