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Coup in Bolivia

Bolivia was the most impoverished country in Latin America and one of the most politically unstable. The situation is only reversed when “the Indians” manage to build a political instrument and take control of the State through elections. Since the triumph of the MAS, Bolivia has experienced economic growth with equity and stability, becoming a Plurinational State.

The instability and coup attempts then came from a wealthy class that turned its back on the country and dedicated itself to ignoring the new reality. In 2019 they managed to mobilize their forces, and the complicity of the Army and the police, with the collaboration of the OAS and the United States, established a racist government that persecutes, kills and is quick to hand over the mineral wealth. The Bolivian people mobilize and recover democracy after a year of imposture. Jeanine Áñez, the de facto president, and her main partner, Mr. Camacho, are sentenced and imprisoned; The press and media of the oligarchy defend them and the transnational powers accompany them in this. New destabilization campaigns begin and this week the coup d'état reappears.

The general commander of the Army arrives mounted in an armored car with troops who take Murillo Square, in front of the government palace. Mounted on that tank, Mr. Zúñiga breaks down one of the doors of the palace and enters by force; He calls for the “restoration of democracy” and announces the freedom of Áñez and Camacho. The people mobilize, the coup plans collapse and the Government confronts them: the president dismisses Zúñiga and appoints a new Army commander. Zúñiga flees and the troops become disorganized and hastily leave the square.

The dominant media puts the coup in quotes, talks about the “supposed coup,” and begins to invent stories to minimize the obvious.

In Venezuela we had the “banana coup” on April 30, 2019. All those who today make up the Democratic Unitary Platform met on the Altamira bridge; The US Government does not hide its participation. A memory loss operation begins and things become almost comical. But the machine guns and troops occupying the Altamira bridge, aiming at a highway, were not. That the coup is thwarted and the coup plotters appear clumsy and cowardly does not make them any less criminal.

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