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Guarantees for the future economy

According to data available from the Central Bank of Venezuela, the nominal exchange rate registers a variation of 1,59% between January and June 12, 2024. That is, the price to buy a unit of foreign currency - in this case the US dollar - has increased slightly. Likewise, it is appropriate to point out that in the aforementioned period the bolivar (Bs) has lost value -depreciation- with respect to the US dollar (USD) by -1,56%.

In order to broaden the view and better understand the behavior of the variable in question, we have that during the same period for the year 2023 the nominal exchange rate registered a variation of 54,06% with a depreciation of 35,38%.

Another important variable to analyze the current economic situation is the National Consumer Price Index (INPC), which registers an accumulated inflation of 7,8% for May 2024. Special mention is made of the accumulated inflation for January-May 2023, which reported 96,3 ,XNUMX%.

The behavior of these variables expresses clear symptoms of improvement that translate into incentives that contribute to the macroeconomic stabilization that the national economy registers today. For this reason, international organizations (World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, among others) predict economic growth for the country of more than 4%.

Does this mean that Venezuela is fixed? No, such a statement that many ironically mention refers, without a doubt, to the profound ignorance of the complex situation that Venezuelan society has suffered - and continues to suffer - as a result of the illegal Unilateral Coercive Measures (MCU). What has changed? We have learned as a society to adapt to progressively overcome adversities. Understand more precisely the situation offered by an economy at war and adopt policies that allow us to generate optimal conditions for economic activity - oil and non-oil - as a whole to grow.

There is still much to do, it is no small thing to say that our productive apparatus lost ¾ of its size between 2013 and 2021, thanks to the criminal policy of siege and systematic aggression as a blackmail mechanism to force a political change based on the interests of the hegemon. In economics, problems do not disappear by magic, much less by luck. At this point we have a coherent economic policy that has given positive results in the search for economic balance in the face of social needs, allowing Venezuelans to regain hope in the midst of the disastrous scenario that we have had to assume by combating the hopelessness that, , threatens to steal our future.

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