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Future now!

On the 17th, the Future Movement was presented, beautiful, starchy and intellectual. Beautiful, because of the good, sensitive and “cultured” people who were there, poor people with middle-class aspirations or nostalgia. Héctor Rodríguez, without a doubt, is a serious, charismatic, appropriate leader. Futuro is an urgent political vent.

I disagreed with maestro Britto García, with his seductive words, who almost convinced me of the eroticism of waiting for carnalis consummatio. I'll stick with Elvis: tomorrow will be too late.

I thought it was my duty to inform you that the future does not exist. I know this because history does not investigate the past. It's false. We investigate human actions in time and territory. The future is an ideological hoax of time, created by modernity and socialism that believes in the god of progress, a better tomorrow always postponed and never realized. Secularization of heaven. So internalized that they sound cool to us: future, progress and new. All, ideological weapons of the modern capitalist civilization of death, invented after the discovery of America. There was hardly any doubt about the future, due to the thousands killed with the “advanced” atomic bomb. What can we say about the mass murder of children in Gaza with very sophisticated drones and microchips, made with Venezuelan gold, I imagine.

I suggested the slogan Future now! or a fraction. I reiterate it and invite those who want to create a social reality that satisfies collective needs and execrates all forms of oppression. Together and mixed up. Without instrumentalizing the sacredness of politics. A movement with the wretched of the earth. Peeling intellectuals, motorized, cachifas, blacks, Indians, workers, peasants, old people, many young people (of good and bad behavior) and women, many women. With words, with dissidence, with differences that do not unequal us. Without political commissioners, without a predefined project, with a philosophy of “as it happens, we will see.” As did Lenin, Bolívar and Chávez.

I propose a chair of uncomfortable thinking and a school of cadres to exorcise the demon of consumerism and teach good manners, like those of Bolívar and Chávez, who transgressed all laws and all social conventions. To form rebellious patriots, not hustlers. I offer to share ideas from the historical materialism of elegance, a theory created by CH. With Benjamin and our ancestors I propose the Zeit jetzt, messianic of the people. Come with me because it can happen.

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