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United States resigned: Nicolás Maduro will win the presidential elections in Venezuela

Many have been surprised by the announcement made by the president of Venezuela Nicolás Maduro about his acceptance of the United States Government's proposal to resume talks between both governments, accompanied by Qatar. However, what is most impactful is the moment in which the US administration raises this proposal to the current president of Venezuela, since in a few days a presidential election will be held to decide who will direct the political destiny of the Caribbean country.

Although many polls support that the winning candidate will undoubtedly be Nicolás Maduro, there are still right-wing spokespersons and media outlets that claim the opposite. Now, after this step taken by the US administration, there is not the slightest doubt that they are clear about who will win the presidential elections on July 28, and the best thing for their interests is not to continue wasting time and continue with the negotiations with the Government of Venezuela. But, unlike other opportunities, this time they have had to accept President Maduro's demand to restart the dialogue openly, without secrecy. For this reason, they have agreed to start it on July 3 of this year.

Would the United States have agreed to start negotiations with the Government of President Nicolás Maduro if there was even a minimal possibility of victory for the opposition in Venezuela?

Undoubtedly not, in the United States it is clear that the people of Venezuela will once again elect Nicolás Maduro to continue directing Venezuela's politics and economy.

Furthermore, the current situation in the United States is quite difficult, considering the antagonistic environment worldwide, the rise of new fronts in Europe, as the takeover of political spaces by left-wing and far-right forces strongly weakens them.

For example, the rise of the far right threatens to disappear sources that have been natural satellites of the United States, such as NATO and the European Union. Likewise, in the Middle East and the Muslim world there is a total rejection of American support for the Palestinian genocide.

 But the main element that affects the interests of the United States in the world is the unquestionable advance of political and economic forces such as China, Russia, the BRICS that undoubtedly hit the dollar and the American financial hegemony. 

There are many problems that are forcing the United States to make rational decisions and not to venture as it has done in previous years with respect to Venezuela. Perhaps this is the most eloquent analysis when considering the latest steps of the United States regarding Venezuela. For this reason, they have shown a more pragmatic position of not continuing to waste time on desires and resigning themselves to having to work and negotiate with the current president of Venezuela Nicolás Maduro, since he will undoubtedly be re-elected by the Venezuelan people for the 2025 presidential term. -2031.

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