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That strategic objective that we call the future

For weeks now I have found myself talking about the power of words, their ability to strengthen our identity as we grow from them.

“The limits of my language are the limits of my world,” wrote the Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein. The dictionary of the Royal Academy of Language contains 93.000 words - of which we know no more than 30.000 and regularly use around 2.000 - and it is estimated that more than 30% of those we use do not appear in the dictionary and, even with That's why we still doubt the language that feeds our speeches.

This is a year deeply marked by the power of words, the future lies in them as a certainty. I believe in the power of the words that accompany our actions and although I always repeat that more than saying it is necessary to do, I recognize that the power of language serves as a meeting platform for all searches, with a strategic function for the maintenance of what today We are as a social force.

Words build concepts, the concept of the future, for example, we begin to understand from the moment we assume the words that make it up and it is present both in Bolivarian thought and in the doctrine of Chávez, an example of this is the Cartagena Manifesto, the Letter of Jamaica and especially the Angostura Speech, where the Liberator states it more precisely: “My imagination is fixed on future centuries, and observing from there, with admiration and amazement, the prosperity, the splendor, the life that has Having received this vast region, I feel carried away and it seems to me that I already see it in the heart of the universe, extending over its extensive coasts.” It is also expressed in the always necessary reading of the Blue Book, when Commander Chávez pointed out:

“Let us now call the future situation of the national reality a strategic objective, which will be reached as a result of the historical process, of global transformation, where the structural forms will be totally different from those prevailing in the initial situation” and permanently invited to build a new historical bloc that would unite the majorities into a “superclass” called patriots.

So the conception of the future as a strategic premise, as a word of power, as a conspiracy and a flag, seems extremely necessary for what we now come to write for history.

We will win, word of a woman!

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