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Surveys that come, surveys that go

I'm already tired, I'm already fed up with so many polls. Surveys that go, surveys that come worse and worse; They say 60, they say it's 30, it reaches 40. But they have no truth. They are simple surveys. If you see the street, if you hear analysts, I know what they do, they carry the poison of so many lies. That's why I tell you that I'm already tired, that I'm already fed up with these surveys that are actually, oh! pure lies.

There is a particularity in this campaign compared to others, the most notable is that no one talks about politics. All the media talk about polls, most of that gossip, gives an advantage to the opposition and the calmest ones warn that the game is not over until it is over. They measure absolute numbers, which depend on abstention, which must consider 50.000 scenarios. That is to say, they say nothing but rumors converted into figures.

There are pollsters bought, biased and there could be professional ones. But the thing is that this is the first electoral campaign where polls and analysts take center stage in the debate.

The only political issue that appears with increasing fear is that of a supposed transition. Here the one who gets one more vote than the other wins. And the presidential transition is legally planned.

But the conditions of the election are very far from democratic normality. We are going through an economic-social emergency, we have not emerged from a state of public calamity caused by the unilateral measures of the United States and, although the internal commotion has been controlled politically and peacefully, all the world's transnational imperial power is against the Chavismo participates freely and democratically. The Government has not backed down, despite having enough obstacles to not hold elections in these circumstances, where even agreements with the ultra opposition are broken by orders from Uncle Sam.

The puppet government that the United States continues to recognize has stolen billions of Venezuelan dollars. With Citgo alone, 40.000 billion dollars are being stolen. Can you imagine if they manage to win an election under the adverse conditions that are posed?! This is what we need to talk about, not the crystal ball.

We are going to elections with a gun to the back of our heads, it is not the first time and it is not the first time that we have won them either. The coming transition is towards a regime of supreme historical social happiness.

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