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President Nicolás Maduro has created the Ministry of Popular Power for Older Adults, responding to the request that grandfathers and grandmothers made to him, another example of the commitment that this humanist revolution has with the most vulnerable sectors.

The authorities have received recognition for the laws and programs created to protect them and have also learned about the problems that still need to be resolved to continue improving their quality of life.

Listening to President Maduro demand that care be improved in hospitals so that patient roulette ends and the creation of a special food bag for older adults is good news.

From the beginning of this process, Commander Hugo Chávez proposed the dignity of older adults, establishing in article 80 of the Constitution that the well-being of this important population is a shared responsibility between the State, the family and society.

Chávez managed to visualize them, he achieved social justice with the mass distribution of pensions, among other actions, and President Maduro has created and reinforced special social programs.

In the Sucre municipality, Miranda state, a large part of our care plans are aimed at older adults, especially in the area of ​​health and recreation.

We understand that they have more than suffered the attacks of the blockades and sanctions, but they are not alone, we are here to protect and defend them, because they represent the wisdom and living history of the country, they are the greatest Greater Love that Venezuela has and therefore you will win!

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