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The rebirth of our economy

The Economic Commission for Latin America, ECLAC, and the International Monetary Fund, have just published their projections on the growth of the economy, as they usually do quarterly, and in these reports they highlight a very relevant fact: the growth of the Venezuelan economy will be of 4.0 percent this year.

This data confirms that the economic policy of President Nicolás Maduro is correct, it has its support in the strategic shift that he announced on August 16, 2018, a difficult decision that “saved the Homeland”, and that he summarized in a slogan: Resistance, growth and prosperity.

The uniqueness of Venezuelan economic growth is due to the fact that such a phenomenon is recorded in the midst of the blockade and economic war. We must not forget that the Trump Administration attacked our country in the most ruthless way, its objective was the destruction of the Republic. a criminal action that has no legal, political, much less moral justification, continued under new conditions by Joe Biden.

In the midst of a terrible situation, when products were missing, when they blocked the oil industry, when they paralyzed the country's financial transactions, when they battered our social welfare system, those who now raise the poster of the gringo candidate applauded, had a party watching the people suffer.

But... Venezuela resisted. President Maduro took the lead in the epic that this brave people is starring in, the workers raised production, merchants and industrialists bet on their country, and we did not lack the cooperation of our friends in the international field. The overwhelming victory of President Nicolás Maduro and the Venezuelan nation on July 28 will consolidate economic growth, stability, and social well-being.

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