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The problem of the three surnames

If your name is Leopoldo, María or Javier, it doesn't matter. What matters is their thirst for “superiority.” They think they have nothing to prove, they believe they are superior, more intelligent, with greater depth and even more beauty.

If your last name is Milei, López or Machado, it doesn't matter. They suffer from not understanding why they are not an object of worship, if they were born to change the world. Humanity seems to them to be an ocean of stupidity that does not allow them to breathe as their genius demands.

John Kennedy Toole wrote a great novel about these people: A Confederacy of Dunces. It tells the life of Ignatius J Reilly, a reactionary who considers himself a genius, who lives isolated in his mother's house, who longs for the European Middle Ages as an ideal of morality and life. He feels misunderstood by ignorant humanity.

Ignatius' time was different, without social networks, he could not confront or massively disseminate his madness. He wrote in notebooks, which he would someday order, the masterpiece that he was sure would come out of his hands.

JK Toole's character, as well as Javier, Leopoldo or María, have severe difficulties considering other people's feelings. They think it is mediocrity and a hindrance to their purposes, when what is important is the narcissistic objective they have set for themselves.

Behind their façade of confidence hides the violent fragility that they exhibit when they are not publicly exposed and can react with free virulence to criticism of their objectives and ways.

For these people, be it Machado, Milei or López, “socialism is a factory of poverty and anyone who does not accept this truth is ignorant,” they say, believing that they have put a foot on the head of those who oppose them. They say this in a world full of poor people who mostly live in capitalist countries, including the United States. They say it willing to multiply that poverty.

Their tactic is to pass the initial phrase, against socialism, and that the debate is measured by who has the greatest capacity to insult “intelligently”. This framework of narcissistic personality disorder explains part of the current electoral campaign in Venezuela.

María, Javier and Leopoldo want to take advantage of the suffering they have imposed, together with their gringo idols, to direct such a charge against the Government that has known how to protect and provide paths of development and hope in the face of the force of dispossession proposed by those three surnames.

It is true that they believe us to be ignorant.

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