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The president as national coordinator

This condition or character that the President of the Republic represents is not mentioned, much less described, in our current national Constitution. It is true that he is designated as “head of State and head of the national Executive, in which capacity he directs the actions of the Government,” according to article 226 of the Constitution. This motivates us to reflect on an essential condition that could well have been highlighted, which is that of constituting a true coordinator of the vertical powers that our maximum law describes.

The above aims to highlight an implicit function that he practices and projects, which is that of being a coordinator by demand of the three levels of government, national, state and municipal. Therefore, it is worth commenting on this essential condition in the development of the State machinery and from there extracting important consequences not developed by legal norms.

In the nature of the primordial government in that vertical drafting that only it, exclusively, holds and must develop. In this sense, this must be commented and it is advisable to do so in order to extract important consequences in the direction and rhythm of public bodies. Thus we will realize that as a coordinating official he has to perform very important functions in obtaining results from the entire state machinery. It is convenient, therefore, to express the consequences or repercussions that this role represents in the life of public institutions, especially those of government or public administration.

The demands of the President of the Republic will cover much more than those enumerated in the Constitution or in the laws. As the maximum driver of multiple policies, he requires the necessary complex and extensive state machinery, that is, a team of officials with great consistency in matters and tasks of a governmental nature. Hence the complex and difficult work in forming the Government team, which must be involved in achieving the high and diverse state objectives. It is a requirement worthy of various reflections, which we have barely begun in this preliminary comment that deserves various considerations that we must find in the specialists and organizations that study Government issues in any space on the planet.

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