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The possible narco-financing of the electoral campaign of the terrorist candidate for the trails

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1.-Terrifying revelations of the diplomat Samuel Moncada… Our Venezuelan ambassador to the UN expressed that “genocide is a business: congressman scolds the US Secretary of State, because his voters cannot pay the mortgages on their homes. The reason? Delay in the sale to Israel of 6500 smart bombs, manufactured by Boening. “War disguised as a fight for workers!” Regarding this publication, I understand that in order for the American workforce to be able to cancel the liens on their homes, they must continue to facilitate the killing of Palestinian men, women and children, with the more than 6500 smart bombs that the Americans have for sell them to Israel.

2.-This is how Manuel Rosales crawls… The servility of the Zulia philosopher has no limits. Desperate to be a presidential candidate, he staged an electoral coup against “Doña Violencia” at 5 to twelve, and at dawn he went to celebrate at the Maruma Hotel. Immediately, this other coup plotter caught his maneuver and unleashed his army of bots and his influencers and prepaid journalists. The former prisoner of the Palacio de Los Cóndores tried to sell the idea that he had saved the electoral route. He convinced no one. They know about his opportunistic condition. Now that she and the misogynist tapa are campaigning, she comes out more than to support them without any embarrassment, so that “Doña Violencia” sees that he is also capable of bleeding his knees prostrate before her, like Juan Pablo Guanipa does.

3.-Experts against gringo maneuvers… We Venezuelans catch all their hits. They wanted to renew the licenses of some oil companies and not others, and we immediately exposed them; They wanted to control PDVSA with that strategy. The EU tried to lift the so-called sanctions on CNE officials, and they did not accept it, first, they do not have the morals to punish anyone, and second, they were not going to allow them to use that measure with coup plans, as the OAS did. in Bolivia. When the gringos say they are coming, we know what they are coming for and where they are coming from. We know their human misery in all its depth.

4.- Science and technology… This is how our winning candidate, Nicolás Maduro Moros, acts. In 2017, the US empire blocked the import of microscopes to Venezuela, which would have been very useful for the treatment of covid-19. And today, with the help of his people, he inaugurated the first electron microscopy laboratory. Nothing stops our maximum líder. Despite the terrorist opposition and the genocidaires of the north, it continues to advance towards the Venezuela of the future, of progress and development. There are so many expressions of love towards him from the people.

5.- The Bolivarian cry against the so-called sanctions... Men, women, adults, elderly people, young people, adolescents, the vast majority of Venezuelans, except for a small group of surrenderers of the terrorist opposition, have united to repudiate the unilateral coercive measures in every corner of the Homeland. of Bolívar. 

We do not deserve that a minority of disgusting sell-outs want to hand over Venezuela to the Americans, under the orders of “Doña Violencia” and her misogynist cover, of Leopoldo López and his father's trash, of Antonio Ledezma and his sons-in-law's trash, by Julio Borges, Carlos Vecchio, David Smolanski, Andrés Velásquez, Iván Simonovis, César Pérez Vivas, Leopoldo Castillo, Napoleón Bravo, Freddy Superlano, Lester Toledo, among other servile ones.

On the female side, I mention the army of ladies who eat breakfast with hatred and desserts of frustration, as soon as they get up in the morning: Carla Angola, Nitu Pérez Osuna, Sebastiana Barráez, Marianella Salazar, Tamara Sujú, Maibort Petit, Idania Chirinos, Valentina Quintero , women who do not hurt their country. They feel like gringos.

Now, so far so good. They worship the genocidaires of the north and that is their problem, the situation is that we Chavistas, who are the majority in Venezuela, are not willing to give up a millimeter of the sovereignty of our country.

I appeal, consequently, to that Bolivarian dignity, so that on July 28 we vote for our president Nicolás Maduro, the only líder who works for the people, and seeks solutions to the crisis caused by the “sanctions” that these scoundrels ask of the American empire. 

6.- The life of the misogynist… This coward, like every murderer, knows how genocidaires, as perverse as the criminals of the terrorist opposition, plan homicides, to foment chaos and blame the revolutionary government, with the aim of having the gringos invade us. Or is he going to tell me that he doesn't know as a CIA officer?

In Venezuela there are precedents in this regard. “El Vampiro” Antonio Ledezma planned to kill the fugitive Leopoldo López, seeking to justify the gringo intervention, but comrade Diosdado Cabello interceded and saved his life.

As soon as the revolutionary deputy told him that his life was in danger, he almost cried into his arms; That's how they are when they see themselves at a disadvantage or feel afraid. Guaidó, the time he met with Cabello, called him líder. After he lost his fear, he again assumed a brave speech, being a coward. He has always been a coward.

But that's another topic, let's go back to the case of the misogynist. The terrorist opposition wants to kick the table and avoid the presidential elections on July 28. And for this they require a justification.

They do not convince anyone of their triumph. Nobody believes in his false polls, and the lies of his large concentrations. And so, since at that time they wanted to look for a martyr, I do not rule out that now they think of another, and that could be the top candidate. 

Then they would wash their hands and say that the revolutionary government murdered him, claiming that they did it because they were lost, and that fake news they would join in a campaign with the media scoundrel and social networks, as they currently do with all their slander and falsehoods in against President Nicolás Maduro.

For me, forcing the misogynist to travel the country in such a critical state of health is not innocent at all, that decision that has been made lately could have the purpose of making the worst happen. I also do not rule out an attack. They have a lot of experience in that. Let's not forget the snipers of the guarimbas, and the coup d'état against Commander Chávez in April 2002. By the way, the fugitive Iván Simonovis was one of those criminals. 

7.- The possible narco-financing of the electoral campaign of the terrorist candidate through the trails… The laws that regulate NGOs, or those types of organizations that claim to be non-profit, exist and are accepted in other countries, including the United States. 

The only country where there are complaints about the application of these rules is Venezuela, of course, that has its explanation, let's think that in this way the conspirators lower the dollars to finance the coups d'état, the assassination attempts, all kinds of sabotage, the payment of influencers, prepaid journalists, and they finance and profit from electoral campaigns.

Now, regarding the financing of the election days, there is a detail that must be exposed, as a warning, to our Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), which is the fact that not only do they obtain money through NGOs. in such electoral events.

Let us keep in mind that “Doña Violencia” receives financing from drug paraphers Alvaro Uribe and Iván Duque. And Uribe made a pot to raise funds from drug trafficking and bring Duque to the presidency. That is Colombian national history.

I have no doubt that the money they send to “Doña Violencia” is from drug trafficking, and that money could also enter through the trails. Uribe, Duque and Guaidó have gangs, narco-paramilitary gangs that operate on the border. 

Venezuela knows this, Guaidó, proud of his friends, when he was acting president, he took photos with the leaders of the paramilitary group Los Rastrojos, to whom he promised a road corridor on the border line, free of military surveillance, to who trafficked drugs.

Therefore, let's analyze that, just as they transport drug merchandise in small planes, which the FANB almost always shoot down, dollars can be transferred for the “Doña Violencia” campaign, in which an impressive waste of money is observed. Just like in homemade narcosubmarines.

No hypothesis can be ruled out, we are talking about terrorists with international reach who move in Venezuela with an epicenter in the US, Colombia and Europe.

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