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The commissioner

He is ordered to execute the task that a higher authority has entrusted to him. The commissioner has no voice of his own, his is subordinate to the one he served to give him instructions. That is to say, whoever assumes this position does not command himself, because by taking unauthorized initiatives, he runs the risk that, by encountering an obstacle or problem or by making a mistake that threatens the achievement for which he has been assigned, he will end up with the tables in the head and, in addition, with all the blame attributable or not to the impossibility of achieving the previously determined objective.

He is out there, emerging from a Pandora's box full of dollars, a character who perfectly fits the description in the previous paragraph. A candidate for the Presidency of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela who has no voice of his own, no ideas of his own, no image of his own. It is a third-rate invention, a card taken from the sleeve of desperation and arrogance. It is like a clone of the first clone, that is, a somewhat blurred clone, because it is a copy of the copy of the original model.

This phenomenon is worthy of study, since something like this has never happened in the history of our democracy. Of course there have been, and many, candidates sponsored by historical leaders of a party I don't remember a different case. But what we are currently seeing, accepting to be a kind of remote control candidate for head of state, is an unprecedented experience.

However, some will say that this is not true, that we had an “acting Narnian ruler” governed from the Oval Office of the White House. But it turns out that, although this shameful response to distant commanders from the north, a big difference must not be overlooked: while the current one believes he can be elected by others at the end of a campaign, the one from the recent past elected himself without anesthesia. Of course, both have the blessing of the American powers that be, embodied in the current president, be it Donald Trump or Joe Biden.

Pinocchio dreamed of being a real boy and in the end he achieved it. But there are those who don't want to stop being puppets.


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