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Detestable with power

There have always been people like the one mentioned in the title of this note. But the truth is that, consciously or not, the president of Argentina, Javier Milei, has done everything possible to leave behind, at least momentarily and in the shortest possible time, competing counterparts for the title of the most repudiated (elected) president. of history. And the Argentine economist has gone to great lengths to attract the attention of his followers of the anarcho-capitalist extreme right and the media eager to capture images and sounds of each of his follies and blunders.

Last Wednesday, this absurdity arrived at the Casa Rosada due to multiple sociological, economic, social and political accidents, increased by the fatal existence of a previous, weak, lukewarm and timid government, headed by Alberto Fernández, put on a terrible and corny show in Buenos Aires because “I wanted to sing.”

Milei first shed his skin to become a rock singer and shout verses like this into the wind: “I am the king of a lost world, I am the king and I will destroy you, get naked and face my teeth, I am the king, the lion king.” Then he dressed as a professor to “delight” an audience with a very long story from the book Capitalism, Socialism and the Neoclassical Trap, a work supposedly written by him and about which there are accusations of being the product of plagiarism of texts originally prepared by real researchers. .

In this intervention, Milei defended the existence of monopolies, but of private monopolies, since in his opinion they are positive for citizens. “They are only bad when the one in the middle is the damned State, damned socialism,” he said. This man spoke about “socialist goodism” and how this translates, when applied, into “less freedom and a worse economy.” For this reason, he stated, “if there is private property, there is no State.”

And the Argentine president is right about that last point. Right at this moment, there is no State that protects its compatriots from inflation, unemployment, the drop in consumption and the unstoppable rise of the dollar. Nor from hunger. His government has withheld 5 million kilos of food that were destined for soup kitchens.

Let's see ourselves in that mirror before the proposals similar to those of Milei that walk around Venezuela with a poster in their hands.

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