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Defense of Tarek William Saab's homeland unleashes international campaign against him

1.Now the shrapnel of the powerful Western press is being directed against Attorney General Tarek William Saab. It is a completely financed shrapnel, as we will see, by the North American State Department. This is how among the mercenaries used to attack the Prosecutor appears leading the baton (and to relieve a little from Alonso Moleiro and Florantonia Singer) the Spaniard Juan Diego Quesada. We will analyze this new montage seasoned by Juan Diego Quesada, another episode of the thousands that have been taking place since the newspaper El País against Venezuela a quarter of a century ago. Aberrant attacks (like the one that occurred with the death of Chávez) incessantly, mercilessly, without pause or ethics of any kind. This last one from the aforementioned Juan Diego Quesada comes out in defense of the Tareck El Aissami mafia, because they are angry that the actions of Prosecutor Tarek William Saab have affected the petty cash of the newspaper “El País”, that part of the money they had been receiving from Joselit Ramírez (from the National Superintendence of Crypto Assets of Venezuela, SUNACRIP). Money that also reached the abominable balls of shit of guys like Daniel Lara Farias, Wender Villalobos, Mrs. Sebastiana Barraez, Norbey Marín, Maibort Petit, Roberto Deniz, Ewal Echarfenberg, Juan Almeida, Andrés Izarra with all the connections that he maintains with Rafael Ramirez. Just like the staff offecto Cocuyo and La Patilla Podrida do, among many others.

2. When the right is hit hard, and part of their destabilizing plans against Venezuela are defeated, powerful means are immediately activated to try to minimize the setbacks and their effects. This is how we see the media trying to paste over the evidence, appealing to the crudest lies, those that go deep and give comfort and encouragement to the imbeciles (of their large audience). The media has a captive clientele that, like pigs, needs waterfalls of shit every day. The longliners affected by the actions of the Venezuelan prosecutor's office allege that the proceedings against the PDVSA-CRIPTO gang are nothing more than pretexts to attack FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, to attack THE FREE PRESS. Always the same story, the same story. They thus try to immediately recompose their positions to attack again from there, launching harsher and more excessive attacks against Venezuela. The truth is that the dismantling of the PDVSA-CRIPTO plot has them crazy, and they have even seen the need to put together a documentary from the United States, with a lot of publicity, to try to raise violent actions (guarimberas), just as it is. denouncing Diosdado Cabello.

3. The mercenary Juan Diego Quesada, to defend the Tareck El Aissami gang (who, seeing himself blackmailed, ended up financing several media cartels), writes from the newspaper El País: “Chavismo has reacted violently against freedom of the press three months before the presidential elections, on July 28. This Tuesday, the ruling party implicated the investigative journalists of the digital portal armando.info in a conspiracy to overthrow Nicolás Maduro. The attorney general, Tarek William Saab, accuses them of receiving money from a plot led by the former Minister of Petroleum, Tareck El Aissami, to destroy the reputation of other leaders of the ruling party.

4. The point is that there is no terrorist plan against Venezuela in which the horde of longliners who work for the powerful Western media are not linked first. And their best strategy is blackmail, which has paid them great dividends, as we have also seen applied freely by Leopoldo López, Julio Borges and Óscar Ocariz. For this reason, Juan Diego Quesada from Gachupín points out: “The accusations against the journalists, based on the statements of a detainee, come a week BEFORE THE RELEASE OF A DOCUMENTARY THAT REVEALS THE SYSTEMATIC CORRUPTION OF THE CHAVISTA GOVERNMENT PREPARED BY THEIR OWN REPORTERS ARMANDO.INFO IN COLLABORATION WITH THE FRONTLINE TELEVISION PROGRAM. It is titled A DANGEROUS ASSIGNMENT: UNCOVERING CORRUPTION IN MADURO'S VENEZUELA and has been produced by PBS, a public channel in the United States.” The documentary shows the work of the no less thugs and gringo agents of ROBERTO DENIZ and EWALD SCHARFENBERG.

5. The mercenary Juan Diego Quesada to cache the portal of these CIA agents, ROBERTO DENIZ and EWALD SCHARFENBERG, says that he has received a special mention in 2019 in the MARÍA MOORS CABOT awards, AWARDED BY THE COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY OF THE UNITED STATES , for its more than 400 PUBLICATIONS RELATED TO CORRUPTION AND VIOLATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS IN VENEZUELA. That in 2023, he won the LORENZO NATALI, AN AWARD SPONSORED BY THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION, which recognizes EXCELLENCE IN WRITTEN, RADIAL AND TELEVISION JOURNALISM on issues of development, democracy and human rights around the world.

6. The criminals ROBERTO DENIZ and EWALD SCHARFENBERG received financing from the PDVSA-CRIPTO gang directed by El Aissami, and since this tap has been closed to them, they are furiously attacking the investigation by the Prosecutor's Office led by Tarek William Saab.

7. The mercenary Juan Diego Quesada jumps in defense of the journalists of armando.info saying that “these attacks by the Prosecutor are hardly credible, since this media outlet was one of the first to uncover large-scale corruption within PDVSA, the Venezuelan state oil company, when El Aissami himself was vice president of the Government.” When it is quite the opposite, because they blackmailed the PDVSA criminal groups to get enormous amounts of money from them. That was their only goal, not that the gruesome plot would be discovered. The mercenary Juan Diego Quesada jumps in saying: “…and now the Venezuelan authorities implicate these reporters in the plot that they themselves denounced. In 2017, for example, they published several reports in this regard... Deniz, Scharfenberg (collaborator with EL PAÍS for several years) and other directors of armando.info They had to leave Venezuela later due to a major investigation that discovered the identity of Alex Saab, considered by the United States to be Maduro's front man and implicated in multiple cases of corruption. From exile, the reporters have continued with their investigations, which have earned them international recognition.”

8. Due to the insistence on defending the longliners denounced by Prosecutor Tarek William Saab, the degree of desperation of media such as El País can be seen, trying to defend El Aissami and his mafia outright. Adds the mercenary Juan Diego Quesada: “This is a very clumsy and implausible maneuver on the part of the Maduro government to discredit armando.info and, with that, silence the independent media that has been uncovering the regime's major corruption scandals for ten years, including the very case in which the Chavista prosecutor now wants to involve us," explains Scharfenberg by phone from Miami, where he now lives. . “I am convinced that this attack responds to the upcoming premiere, on Tuesday the 14th, of the documentary. We tell the story of the Alex Saab case, which already led four journalists from armando.info. "Alex Saab is Maduro's favorite contractor and SUSPECTED FRONTBOARD, and after returning to Venezuela last December as a result of a prisoner exchange agreed between Washington and Caracas, he has gained even more power in Maduro's clique," he adds.

9.The culequera of all these perverts in the media has put in the front row the Colombian lawyer Ana Bejarano who, also affected by her monetary income from the El Aissami gang, has requested precautionary measures from the IACHR in defense of the longliners denounced by Prosecutor Tarek William Saab. This Ana Bejarano maintains: “Due to their location and condition as journalists, they are exposed to a greater extent to the imminent risks of stigmatization, harassment, harassment and censorship.” The lawyer and columnist for Los Danieles asks the IACHR to demand that the Government of Venezuela refrain from using intimidating strategies such as harassment, the opening of judicial cases, the practice of raids and other investigative acts. It is good to clarify that this band Los Danieles is set up with part of the staff of the magazine SEMANA (or SEMATA) totally financed by the Uribismo, the paramilitaries and Colombian drug trafficking.

10. The criminals of this other drift of SEMATA add: “In addition, Chavismo must avoid public accusations by state officials and threats to the physical, mental and moral integrity against journalists. Chavismo has recently arrested and imprisoned REPUTED ACTIVISTS LIKE ROCÍO SAN MIGUEL, who is in a prison with very little contact with his family and lawyers, which limits his right to defense. “Spain has tried to reduce the measures imposed by the prosecution against San Miguel, but has achieved nothing for now.”

11. So that Juan Diego Quesada's appearance as an “impartial journalist from the newspaper El País” can be seen in more detail, I place this other extract from his disgusting deposition: “Chavismo faces elections in which, with the polls in hand , would be likely to lose if a free and fair vote were truly held. The majority opposition has managed to reach an agreement to support the same candidate, a 74-year-old diplomat named Edmundo González. He is an unknown, but he has immediately received the support of María Corina Machado, the líder maximum of the anti-Chavistas who has a very large flow of votes - the polls always place her above Maduro. Machado has been vetoed by the Chavista justice system and so was his replacement, the REPUTED ACADEMIC - AND REAL MADRID FAN (damn, how cheesy is this great gachupín and son of a bitch) - Corina Yoris, so he has fallen by the wayside Edmund. The opposition interprets that these attacks on the media that reveal the corruption of Chavismo arise from the nervousness that exists about the possibility that they could lose the elections. Maduro has changed the classic colors of Chavismo, from red to blue, he walks through towns and cities after having spent several years without leaving the Miraflores Palace - for fear of being assassinated - and is looking for a campaign slogan on a reality show. Power is at stake in Venezuela and journalists have been caught in the middle of that crossfire.” Take information, then, for those who live talking about freedom of expression and human rights. What an example this is that we just reviewed!!!!!

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