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From the endorseable campaign

In a previous installment we discussed the scenarios posed by economic policy, with special attention to the conditions and challenges involved in stabilizing an economy, within the framework of a policy of siege and constant aggression as a strategy to promote the long-awaited change of government.

Very soon after the most relevant electoral event of the last two decades, predictable and repetitive scenarios are looming that we will not get used to but that still remain interesting for discussion.

Within the framework of the atypical “endorseable electoral campaign” carried out by the opposition sector representing “La Unidad”, who describes themselves as the “true opposition”, curious elements are observed. Despite criticizing - as the fundamental basis of his speech against the electoral offer of the candidate of the Homeland, Nicolás Maduro Moros - of continuity and the same lies, a truly ridiculous electoral offer is presented, especially if we take a look at the vision that raises -for example- in the economic field.

A disqualified candidate who established herself through a primary process that declared her the winner - among the losers - according to which is the líder of the Venezuelan opposition, the same one he despises, but which he uses to secure a place that can only give him “the luck” of remaining like a “stubborn doll” until the end. Which is not the same - nor is it written the same - as saying that it is the líder of a social demand for political change.

We are talking about the highest representative, yes, about the contempt and rejection by the people and in her ambitions for power she points out that the National Government is responsible for a deep crisis, which she helped to build together with representatives and figures of that fatuous and criminal opposition.

In their extreme right-wing liberal ideas and ideals, they point out that “the country is prepared for a new model that overcomes the crisis and promotes prosperity,” because “the idea is to move towards a society that allows individual development, with a State at the service of of the citizen and a free market economy because it encourages competition and allows growth…”

It is the same behavior despite the years: I use academic credentials, titles and meritocracy as a patent of memorandum to sell the same rehash over and over again, distorting reality because they continue to underestimate the entire Nation.

They have never understood the social, economic and political dynamics of the country and do not represent a concrete response to the deep crisis in which they have contributed a lot, because after the struggle for power the motto is kill or be killed. There is no dialogue, no possible consensus, nor healthy balance if while we row we are beaten with the oars. The people of Venezuela woke up, the lessons have been masterful this time it will not be different.

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