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Historical consciousness today

Insurgent history is the history of insurgencies and oppressions, because these relationships are fundamental to understanding the history of human groups. History that is constituted by the multiple determinations derived from that dialectic that complicates all types of links and relationships. Unquestionably, all human endeavor does not express this conflict, although it could finally be explained from it.

Harmony, stability and all social forms of peaceful coexistence that occur historically are the product of that conflict in which it has been possible to create and maintain efficient systems, apparatus and devices of mental and physical social control with which inequalities are naturalized. and oppressions and there is a general acceptance of the state of things. Moments marked by majority conformity, leveraged by the suffering of invisible others. Those who conform live in a state of well-being based on the discomfort of others, but they do not see them: a heart that does not feel, eyes that do not see, Chávez would say. Women, slaves, Indians, blacks, mulattoes, encomendados, peasants, workers, migrants, diverse genders, etc.

That of insurgent history is not a matter of themes, but of perspective. Make the history of the bed or of the working class, of women, of ideologies, of the industry, without looking for the reasons for inequality, the forms of oppression, the ways of popular organization... and nothing happens: it is a story , it's not history. But if we look for the ultimate causes of the difference between the bed and the cot, the cultural appropriation of the hammock, etc. It's something else

Insurgent history is a historiographical political project that seeks to reveal the mechanisms of oppression and the forms of popular organization against them, keeping in mind a society in which all types of oppression can be eliminated.

Between June 19 and 23, the XNUMXth national and XNUMXth international History Congress will take place in the state of Miranda-Caracas. A meeting with a wide thematic diversity and numerous presentations, we will find much to discuss. The historical discipline is not a neutral space, nor is it about the past. It is the understanding of the past to understand the present and project the future. A future of supreme social happiness that can only be projected from historical consciousness, the uniqueness of time today.

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