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With Chávez present and towards victory

The electoral campaign began in Venezuela, and the demonstration of our people's love for the candidate of Bolívar and Chávez was evident in a massive march that filled the streets of Caracas and extended to several cities in our country.

Despite attempts to minimize the candidacy of President Nicolás Maduro, the response of the Venezuelan people was overwhelming, as was the message of love and peace that our candidate transmits. And these days that remain ahead, until next July 28, we must be very clear that Maduro is the only guarantor to continue living in democracy, with the active and leading participation of our people, and in healthy peace.

“God is with us and with the people, we overflow the streets to decide the future of Venezuela. We have the leadership and the energy! I am the president of the people and the bases! With Chávez present towards victory", reads a recently published post by the Head of State himself.

And despite the international campaign, which for more than 20 years has tried to hinder the achievements of our revolution and tried to make the world believe that the majority of the Venezuelan people are against the government of comrade Maduro; It is increasingly evident that this rhetoric is far from reality.

Venezuela is a revolutionary country that wants to live in peace, in democracy and guaranteeing the well-being of all its citizens. And that is only possible with Chávez's candidate: Nicolás Maduro Moros. Our rooster.

The gringos know it

An example of President Maduro's leadership is the willingness of the US government to resume dialogue, a few days before the electoral elections. The Head of State announced at the beginning of this week that we would return to sit down and talk with the gringos, starting from the principle of good faith and without any representative of the Venezuelan opposition involved. Another clear message.

There was already a first virtual meeting in which colleagues Jorge Rodríguez and Héctor Rodríguez Castro participated, representing Venezuela; in which it was agreed, in the first instance: the willingness of both governments to work together to gain trust and improve relations. And two: maintain communications in a respectful and constructive manner.

Meanwhile, sectors of the Venezuelan opposition attacked this reestablishment of US relations with Venezuela. The trite discourse of political transaction was immediately used to minimize this political action by their main ally, which clearly left them out of the scene. The reason? Well, it could be that the Biden administration has conclusive information about the very possible victory of Nicolás Maduro on July 28. In any case, the resumption of dialogue is highly positive for our Government and our people who want to live in peace and without sanctions, betting on the development and growth of our economy.

We are a wise and brave people. Overcome!

Iran and Labor

To conclude this article, I want to mention two election processes that took place this week. The first: the triumph of Masoud Pezeshkian, who won the presidential elections in Iran. Pezeshkian is a former health minister and parliamentarian, and was widely voted by the Persian people to replace the always remembered colleague Ebrahim Raisi. From this trench we subscribe to what our Government has expressed, and we hope that it continues to consolidate itself as an emerging, fundamental power for the pluripolar world that we wish to consolidate. Iran has the fraternal support of Venezuela.

The second: British Labor has achieved victory in the British Parliament. We hope that the new English government resumes the path of dialogue, building more honest political and diplomatic relations; and that respects the self-determination and sovereignty of the people. In short, that the new government that Keir Starmer will lead can reverse the terrible role that Great Britain has played in Venezuelan gold. 

Francisco Fonseca. Lawyer and politician.

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