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Cohere to build the superclass

I remember the night when, leaving the Teresa Carreño Theater, I sat down to think about the call that Commander Chávez had made to unite forces to achieve a solid historical bloc of parties. I remember the call to form a single party and the echo that the word cohesion, to cohere, made in my head, because I am passionate about the power of words, and that is why from time to time I get lost in the search for meanings and signifiers that materialize the dialogue that we have in our lives today.

In that powerful journey through the words and the context in which the word cohesion remained forever in my memory, I remembered when Antonio Gramsci—who later inspired Commander Chávez—proposed the formation of a political superclass in which it was possible to articulate and cohere. to various social groups under its leadership, forming a hegemonic historical bloc, above the economic interests of its class, which also managed to integrate into its actions the political, cultural and ideological interests of the subaltern groups that comprise it.

When we think about it coldly, no matter how acute the challenge may seem, it makes complete sense when we understand the profound capacity we have by working from the integrative forces that allow us, in addition to raising our collective voice, to wall off this patriotic fortress that today maintains the Revolution will stand up, from this patriotic class with awareness of its collective power, once it has understood that the journey of no return begins from the recognition of our individual capabilities, because although Gramsci suggested that we unite from consensus, in this new stage historically, we learned to generate cohesion from dissent, with a view to the future that unites us in the immediate, but that is woven from all those steps that we are taking from the crowds.

This concept draws my attention powerfully, as it allows us to understand power above domination, since power implies leadership and direction, especially when we understand the influence that is generated from the formation of an ideology that highlights the value of culture in politics and in the configuration of power relations to achieve true social transformations that are sustainable over time.

We will win. Women's word.

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