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Five news about the reality in the United States, that its government does not want you to know

Things in the US are not going as well as they want you to think. In the midst of a global dispute for geopolitical control, internal economic, social, military and political crises make it difficult for this country to retain its hegemony for much longer. Here I share some information of interest to understand this well. 

1.According to one of the most important real estate firms in the United States, Pacific Investment Management, it has been warned that more bankruptcies of regional banks are coming in the US, since there would be a "very high" concentration of commercial real estate loans with problems. This can end up affecting everything from shopping centers to offices, and it is because today the prices of real estate have been reduced by up to 75% of their original value when they were offered. Concerns about the financial health of smaller banks have persisted since the collapse of some major banks last year, Bloomberg reports. It is estimated that depository institutions are facing a wall of $441.000 billion in real estate debt about to mature this year, which is why financial institutions such as New York Community Bancorp (NYSE: NYCB) and US Bancorp have been cutting the injection of cash to accumulate dividends that allow them to overcome the impact of bad loans.

2.According to Axios, a crisis is looming in the American healthcare sector, as demoralized doctors and nurses leave their jobs, hospitals face staff shortages, and more and more workers unionize and go on strike. something that is not very encouraging in the context of a country that wants to open new war fronts, and considering possible pandemics to come. Analysts say the pandemic ushered in an unstable era in the healthcare sector, and is jeopardizing Americans' access to healthcare. Some say this is a consequence of intentional cost-cutting characteristic of the neoliberal systems. To date, there are 83 million Americans without access to primary care, nearly 25% of the U.S. population, according to Jesse Ehrenfeld, president of the American Medical Association.

3.From the point of view of labor markets in general, and despite the Democrats' propaganda, the situation is not encouraging either. The unemployment rate in the United States has risen to 4,0% for the first time in more than three years, despite the alleged increase in payrolls reported by the so-called “Establishment Survey” which reported that 272.000 “jobs” had been created. », but include workers with multiple jobs; which provides the illusion of progress, but by eliminating these repeated workers, it can be seen that the number of employees was reduced by 408.000. Even when qualitatively analyzing this data, it can be observed how the economic trend is towards an increase in part-time and informal jobs, while formal and full-time jobs have been decreasing.

4.Approximately 50% of Americans believe that the US economy is going in the wrong direction, according to an exclusive survey for Newsweek, and many blame Joe Biden's economic agenda: Bidenomics. Results from a Redfield & Wilton Strategies survey show that Americans also have a negative view of their financial situation, with 42% of respondents saying their financial situation has worsened in the last year. Despite the sentiment, experts tell Newsweek that the country's economy is positive. Economics professor John Van Reenen says that compared to other advanced countries, the US is doing "fantastically well in terms of growth."

5.Doubts are growing about internal stability in the United States of America. A think tank dependent on the Canadian government, called Policy Horizons Canada, whose role is to make prospective analysis of the scenarios, has warned in its most recent report entitled “Disruptions on the Horizon” about a possible American civil war as one of the scenarios for the that Ottawa should be prepared. According to Political, this hypothesis is hidden in the middle of the document, through the following words: "America's ideological divisions, democratic erosion, and internal unrest intensify, plunging the country into civil war."

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