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Hostile fatigue

President Hugo Chávez (15/08/2012), eight years after the referendum of August 2004, described the set of aggressions, attacks and situations that he had experienced in his government: “When the bourgeoisie that has tried at all costs the possible ways to remove us from power, remove the people from power; First was that referendum, well first was the coup d'état, then the economic sabotage, oil sabotage, the paramilitaries that they brought from Colombia, terrorism. And since they couldn't, they tried with that referendum, where they even forged signatures and we won the referendum..."

He immediately told an anecdote: “Fidel called me at night and told me: Chávez, listen to what I'm going to tell you, there are not 4 million oligarchs in Venezuela. 4 million voted against you, I have the impression - he told me - that a large group of those 4 million should have voted for you because the process of change in Venezuela is convenient for them, because that is the path to get out of poverty, out of backwardness. .

Chávez reflects out loud: “I can explain myself, right? So, we have to make a greater effort every day, to convince with arguments, with ideas, the greatest number of Venezuelans who have to vote for Chávez, which is to vote for the country, which is to vote for the future."

Today we face the most dangerous elections of the Bolivarian process. The Obama decree (supported by the electoral victory of the opposition in the National Assembly in 2015) set up the legal, political and administrative scaffolding that opened the floodgates for the avalanche of unilateral coercive measures and “sanctions” that the United States attacks. to Venezuela.

The 28J elections take place under the strategy and design of “war measures and sanctions” in which technologies, data “sciences” and social reengineering are used that aim, in a given time, to achieve that in the society, a hostile fatigue and rejection of the government they want to overthrow settles in.

It is time for a qualitative leap that promotes emotional awareness, political intelligence, and neutralizes impulsive behaviors. It is the arguments, the identity in defense of the motherland that will add will. Convince and understand that voting for Maduro is voting for the country and the future.

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