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Biden moves to Caracas

After the cake (cake, in Venezuelan) put on live and directly by Joe Biden during the first television debate in which he faced his archrival, Donald Trump, the leadership of the Democratic Party has decided to look for other options, with the intention to remain in power for another four years. Kamala Harris, current – ​​and quite gray – vice president of the United States, and Michelle Obama, are some of the names that are being heard in the corridors of the White House as possible replacements for the current president. And, as a Netflix series, this happens just when the election campaign is at its climax.

Biden had been warned of this scenario by the Secret Service, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency. But all that imperial intelligence effort turned out to be wasted time, because each of those responsible for such superorganizations had the bad luck to have spoken to him during one of those episodes in which his mind decides to travel the universe on a limitless astral journey.

And let it be noted that those zerocerosevens put all their effort into fulfilling their duty: one approached him when his body was walking through the gardens without finding the entrance to the presidential mansion; another, at the moment when he mistook the Air Force One staircase for a slide, and the last tried to warn him at the G7 meeting during the minutes of contemplation of nothingness, which were interrupted by the Italian prime minister, Giorgia Meloni, as could be seen in a video that immediately went viral.

Well, Biden, neither quick nor lazy, decided to set up a plan B. He did the math, reflected and consulted with specialists in electoral processes, which the Treasury Department funds can pay for. Conclusion: he comes to Venezuela as a true candidate of the local opposition.

“It's time to take off the masks and the intermediaries, if they don't want me in the north, I'll go to the south. And if I finance the payroll, I have every right. The candidate to sit in Miraflores is me. The lady with the poster of her continuing to wait for better times. Of course, from now on I'm starting to study how not to get lost on Urdaneta Avenue, where there is so much Third World Chavismo," he said, speaking to himself, while Trump crushed him in the debate.

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