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Self-determination for development

The sovereignty of a nation constitutes the fundamental basis for any country project, regardless of its ideology. The rise of globalization, which manifested itself in the 70s, posed great economic, political and social challenges.

Economically, thanks to technological advancement it was possible to break geographical barriers to bring the markets of different economies closer together until creating a single world market. Today it is complex to determine the manufacturing origin of a good under the logic of big capital, because each production process is fragmented and developed in a territory where the least amount of costs is incurred, this is included in the so-called value chains.

In the political sphere, globalization encounters its greatest obstacle. No country is willing to cede the sovereignty of the territory to a supranational power, which generates contradictions in international relations. In a context where new generations do not identify with the territory, roots are lost, making history itself foreign to them and producing social conditions for the emergence of a global being.

When taking a comprehensive look at these aspects, none of the benefits announced by the neoliberal group radiated towards our economies. Far from the utopian omens, the economic, social and political problems as a region have worsened.

Faced with uprooting, human capital is mobilized towards developed countries in search of better living conditions. A generational vacuum is then created that opens the doors to a structural problem: impossibility of combating underdevelopment, since without scientific knowledge there is no development.

Thus, globalization creates conditions so that the strong continue to be strong and the weak become increasingly weaker. A scenario in which, paradoxically, our economies that enjoy abundant natural resources are subordinated to developed economies in their productive processes.

As a corollary to this critical scenario, the alternative of a “community of shared destiny”, proposed by China to humanity, is of resounding relevance in the face of the outbursts of the current world order, which, possessed by the warmongering of the United States, is heading towards a third war. world. A remedial obstacle is sovereignty and self-determination, pillars of the necessary new multipolar world and emerging economies.

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