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Absurd urban chaos

Although Caracas is not an easy city to manage, there are situations that happen daily in the city that do not have a reasonable explanation as to the origin of their nature. And as there are plenty of examples, I am going to place one that attracts attention due to its location, its impact and the absurdity of its existence.

If we look as a whole at the road that connects the stadiums of the Central University of Venezuela with the Rental Zone of Plaza Venezuela, Las Acacias Avenue, Casanova Avenue, Sabana Grande Boulevard and Libertador Avenue, the image obtained almost all hours is simply anyone who reminds us of the word chaos.

The access to the parking lots of the UCV stadiums became a bus terminal of all sizes without limits, neither in extension, nor in rules of any kind. That terminal that reaches the Rental Zone is a source of noise, disorder and garbage. Since it is in a place not planned for its operation, it hinders traffic in an area with a high flow of all types of vehicles. Furthermore, the genius who authorized such madness obviously never thought about the inconveniences and mistreatment that ordinary users suffer daily from transport employers.

After passing this traffic jam, you come across the madness of Las Acacias Avenue: cars making double or even triple rows to the left and right. A bus line that owns two channels with passengers queuing in the middle of the road. Motorized vehicles taking over, just because, an entire canal and even the sidewalks, waiting for clients who are looking for or sending an order. And in the middle of Torre La Previsora, someone had the idea, like the deceived husband who sells the sofa or the one who sweeps the dust under the carpet, to place a fence between the sidewalk and the pavement, with which he only managed – literally – move the problem a few centimeters and further reduce the space for drivers to circulate.

And the authorities? Well, thank you. Maybe they don't circulate there. The matter is not only a problem of urban planning, but of public order, that is, of the mayor's office in terms of the order of the territory in which it exercises or should exercise its powers. Nor is it seen that the Bolivarian National Police passes by with the intention of helping to correct or at least reduce this case of urban schizophrenia.

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