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With the ideas that I share from these pages, I do not intend to change my job and even less leave journalists who cover the sports area, specifically those who work with football, out of work.

In this regard, I remember that my father once, and from this same diary, wrote in the vicinity of a soccer World Cup, offering predictions.

The next day a great friend who ran the sports pages came to my house to timidly ask me to explain to my father that they admired him, but football was not DAR's thing.

I never told my father knowing that until a new World Cup I would not bring up the subject again. Well: like many Venezuelans, I was enthusiastic about the members of la Vinotinto and I came to believe that Canada, deprived of its star, would be “a piece of cake.”

It was not like that, but the performance of the national team remains, which, in my modest and ignorant opinion, was extraordinary!

However, “something was missing” and as always Venezuela was “close, but eliminated.”

So getting into the topic I return to the Venezuelans. In baseball we are the cradle of very good catchers and ballplayers. But even though there is synergy between some Major League teams and Venezuelan players, my eternal “rhythm”, more than resources and good coaches, in the case of baseball and soccer, there is a lack of institutions.

Institutions attentive to abuses and capable of outlining growth plans. Institutions that interact with the State, with private companies and with other sports federations.

I grant that writing it is easy, but putting these goals into practice surely is not; However, it must be done.

For example: the State, even with its finances reduced by sanctions, can reward football excellence, via tax reduction.

In municipalities that have empty land, municipal chambers can provide barren land without a project to build infrastructure where soccer can be played at a reasonable price.

States have space in terms of training referees, which is always important.

Airlines can reduce costs by transporting players who participate in international tournaments.

And so, without using the law against hate and other similar ones, who takes away that in a few years Venezuela will be a football power to cover the mouths of the Chileans and the Mexicans who doubted la Vinotinto.

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