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1x10x million

Commander Hugo Chávez proved to be a great strategist and planner, ensuring the best results were obtained in each of the projects designed for the rescue of Venezuela.

Chávez not only dedicated himself to designing, but also left in writing the methodology, the instructions that had to be followed in each project, in each idea, in a didactic way. The Commander knew that for every struggle and victory the participation of the people was the most important thing, so he dedicated himself to promoting the organization of Popular Power in every corner of the country.

Among those forms of organization created by Chávez, in view of the July 28 elections, it is necessary to highlight the formation of the 1×10 electoral machinery, a process through which our revolutionary movement has managed to continue with this humanist project, thanks to the popular vote.

Following the guidelines of President Nicolás Maduro, a simulation on the activation of 1×10 was carried out and the results were highly satisfactory. “This is the most organized, disciplined, motivated and most powerful electoral machinery in the entire history of the Bolivarian Revolution in 25 years,” Maduro stated.

To obtain the perfect victory, the political structure of the PSUV, social movements, allied parties and all citizens committed to Venezuela have been invited to participate in the expansion of the electoral machinery.

The perfect formula will be 1x10xmillion Venezuelans who will continue to support this country project on 28J, led by the worker president Nicolás Maduro. And two things are certain: they will not return and we will win!

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