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People of the García municipality expressed their support for President Maduro

With joy, revolutionary militants walked the streets of Villa Rosa, also in rejection of the imperialist sanctions

Revolutionary militants from the García municipality, in the state of Nueva Esparta, took to the streets of the popular sector of Villa Rosa, located in the Fajardo parish of said jurisdiction, to express their support for the policies of President Nicolás Maduro and raise their voices against the blockade. imperialist.

The demonstration was led by the mayor and municipal head of the PSUV, Cruz Lairet, along with the regional secretary of the PSUV, Freddy Serrano, councilors, legislators, among other revolutionary leaders of the Great Patriotic Pole in the island entity.

The municipal head of the PSUV recalled the importance of the organization through the 1×10 electoral. “And here we are all united to reach the goal, we have to do the 1×10, it is the only way for us to know who we are going to count on on July 28, because García has to continue being red and red. “Here we are all supporting our victory driver Nicolás Maduro.”

Likewise, Lairet said that the option presented by the opposition in the country is not viable for the interests of the country. “Because that candidate is a puppet of Yankee imperialism and we do not want that for our country, President Nicolás Maduro is the hope to continue advancing and winning.”

Town with Maduro

With joy, carrying posters, banners and colored balloons, the participants of the march expressed their messages of support for the head of state, and called on the US government to cease coercive measures against Venezuela.

Edgar Rojas, a resident of the García municipality, emphasized the support that the people of the García municipality give to President Nicolás Maduro.

“Today we find ourselves marching with nationalist fervor in support of our president Nicolás Maduro so that we obtain that resounding victory on July 28. From here we also raise our voices to say no to the sanctions, Biden lifts those sanctions, because here there are a people who want to fight and move forward,” Rojas said.

For his part, Carlos Acosta, municipal secretary of Tupamaro, expressed: “We are an anti-imperialist country and we will fight against those sanctions imposed by the United States, and we will lead Nicolás to re-election because those people will not pass. There are 900 or so sanctions that have been imposed on us, there is no right to that, because we are a free and sovereign people who decide their own destiny.”

In the march that toured the main streets of Villa Rosa, they participated líderIt is about streets, communities and UBCh, the working class, the Youth, the women and the grandfathers and grandmothers of the Homeland.

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