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They grant licenses to tourism service providers in Nueva Esparta

158 service providers showed their satisfaction upon receiving the credentials to carry out their activities formally

In the state of Nueva Esparta, 158 tourism service providers received their credentials, licenses and renewals from the National Tourist Registry (RTN) to strengthen this important engine of the economy in the island entity.

From the Venetur Margarita hotel, Minister Alí Padrón delivered the documents together with the sole authority of the Special Economic Zone, Samir Al Attrach; the Vice Minister of National Tourism, Asdrúbal Rincones, and the regional director of Inatur, Zonia Oliveros.

Engine of economic development

“This is one more element that adds to the work that has been done in a cohesive and coordinated manner between the different levels of government, the Special Economic Zone, the private sector and the communities because we are convinced that Nueva Esparta has tourism as one of its fundamental elements of development and economic growth,” said Tourism Minister Alí Padrón.

For his part, Samir Al Attrach, sole authority of the Special Economic Zone of Nueva Esparta, highlighted that these types of actions contribute to the island entity being strengthened as a tourist destination and strengthened towards the objective of once again becoming the Pearl of the Caribbean. .

“This fills us with a lot of pride and a lot of satisfaction because each of the municipalities is represented in those 158 licenses and credentials delivered that come to enhance tourism together with all the projects that are being carried out and are being carried out from the special economic zone. studying so that in each of these spaces that are designed on the island of Margarita we can see that beacon of light that will allow the state of Nueva Esparta to shine again throughout the Caribbean,” said Al Attrach.

Together for tourism development

The tourism service providers showed their satisfaction upon receiving the credentials to carry out their activities formally and in favor of the development of the country.

Juan Mata, representative of the Maloka Group, which develops hotel and beach club activities, received nine licenses from the RTN.

“We comply with the renewal procedures to have all records updated in the formal exercise of tourist activity. Without a doubt, it is very important that all service providers are incorporated into the formal system and contribute to the National Tourism Fund because that is what allows us to carry out the promotion of the destination and the training and education activities of all the people who live in tourist activity,” said Mata.

Likewise, Nelson Villarroel, president of V2 Aventura, an electric vehicle excursion company, received RTN accreditation for both tour guide and tour driver.

“For us, it is vitally important to receive this type of accreditation because it gives us that presence of being able to receive tourists, to serve them and make them feel comfortable. We also contribute to the development of the country through a 1% contribution to tourism institutions and receive the benefits of promotion and training,” said Villarroel.

Tourist quality seal   

During the event, the minister announced that everything is now ready to deliver the tourism quality seal. He said that the first will be awarded to the Wyndham Concorde hotel, located in the city of Porlamar, Mariño municipality of the Nueva Esparta state, having complied with all the protocols established to obtain this recognition.

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