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Women from Nueva Esparta support President Nicolás Maduro

The revolutionary women highlighted the President's fortitude when facing the adversities caused by the international siege

Women from different social and political movements that live in the state of Nueva Esparta, met in the Luisa Cáceres de Arismendi Park, located in La Asunción, capital of the island entity, to express their support for the social policies promoted by President Nicolás Maduro in the middle of an anti-imperialist platform.

The activity was led by the Women's Coordinator of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Hilda Mata, along with state leaders such as the mayor of the Díaz municipality, Marisel Velásquez, the president of the Legislative Council, Milagros Arzolay, councilors of the different municipalities, and female leaders of the parties of the Great Patriotic Pole.

Un líder with integrity

The revolutionary women highlighted the fortitude of the National President in facing the adversities caused by the international siege.

Patricia Acosta, member of PSUV Women and coordinator of the state's Sexual Diversity Movement, highlighted the economic progress that the country has made, thanks to the president's leadership.

“Despite the blockade and the international siege orchestrated by Yankee imperialism and the opposition, Venezuela rises like the phoenix and it is thanks to the leadership of the candidate and president Nicolás Maduro,” said Acosta.

For her part, Yaika Urreta, Women's Secretary of the Tupamaro political movement, invited the people to continue in the revolutionary struggle alongside Nicolás Maduro.

“We have full faith in him (Nicolás Maduro) because he has continued despite the economic blockade imposed on us by the North American empire and has protected the people following the legacy of the eternal commander Hugo Chávez,” said Urreta.

revolutionary unity

Likewise, the revolutionary leaders highlighted that in unity, the Bolivarian forces will continue to consolidate the revolutionary path that Commander Chávez began.

This is how Támara Velásquez, a member of the Future Movement, expressed it: “We are here demonstrating together that we can transform our present and build our future. Every day we find ourselves united by that patriotic love that our commander Chávez planted in each of our hearts, that passion that moves us every day and that revitalizes us in each of the battles that we have had to face to continue consolidating the Bolivarian Revolution .

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