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PSUV youth in Nueva Esparta organized for mobilization on June 28

National leaders of the JPSUV carried out a check of the electoral 1x10 of the young vote

The Youth of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (JPSUV) in the state of Nueva Esparta is organized and prepared to guarantee the victory of the Bolivarian Revolution in the upcoming presidential elections.

This was confirmed by national leaders during a check of the electoral 1×10 of the young vote, which was carried out at the Unearte headquarters in La Asunción, capital of the island entity.

The checkup was led by América Pérez, JPSUV Organization Coordinator, along with Joseph Alvarado, Mobilization Coordinator; Victoria Fermín, regional coordinator, as well as the political head of the PSUV in the neo-Spartan capital, Alí ​​Romero and the Mobilization coordinator of the state political team of the red awning, Jorge Peña.

Organized with the 1×10

“Today the youth takes that example from the party and prepares for victory fundamentally with the 1×10 as the most important method for mobilizing the young vote,” emphasized the organizer of the JPSUV, América Pérez.

Likewise, Pérez highlighted the importance of social networks to make the truth of Venezuela visible. “We reflect on communication issues that are a natural space for youth, because there we also have to engage in militancy and defend the truth of Venezuela.”

For his part, Joseph Alvarado, Mobilization coordinator of the JPSUV, said that in the island entity the Bolivarian forces are prepared for victory.

“Nueva Esparta has shown in recent weeks that it is in victory. Today I breathe air of victory and glory in Nueva Esparta, a resounding victory for the Chavista forces that have met today to check our machinery, warming up our engines,” said Alvarado.

Committed young people

In every street, community and UBCH of Nueva Esparta, young people are present organizing and mobilizing for the victory of July 28, as stated by Yasibit Gómez, coordinator of the JPSUV of the Marcano municipality.

“Young people who are already active in our party thanks to a beautiful territorialization of youth. Now we have UBCh youth, community youth and street youth because the youth is gaining territory and we are going with Nicolás,” said Gómez.

The machinery check will be carried out in each of the 11 municipalities of the Nueva Esparta state to verify the loading of the 1×10, the training of table witnesses and other aspects of the youth organization.

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