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Electoral fair began in Nueva Esparta

The machines will be available from Monday to Sunday, in the Bolívar squares of the 11 municipalities of the island entity.

The electoral fair began with a large popular festival in the state of Nueva Esparta to inform citizens of the system that will be in place for the upcoming presidential elections, to be held on July 28.

From Bolívar Square in La Asunción, Arismendi municipality, leaders of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) invited the people to participate in this fair called by the National Electoral Council, as part of the schedule established for the upcoming presidential elections.  

Among them, Alí ​​Romero, head of the PSUV in the Arismendi municipality, who highlighted that a true popular festival is being experienced in Bolívar Square in the neo-Spartan capital with this fair.

“Today we are celebrating from the capital of the state of Nueva Esparta, where we have started the day of the electoral fair so that all citizens of the state of Nueva Esparta can become familiar with the machines, they can become familiar with the National Electoral Council system. It is a very fast process that denotes the cutting-edge technology that we use in our country to carry out a process as important as the one on July 28,” said Romero.

Simple and fast

For his part, Emilio Velásquez, head of the PSUV in the Gómez municipality, described the process as simple and fast, “it doesn't take even a minute to go through the entire horseshoe.”

“I invite you to participate, here you can clear up all your doubts, you can ask what you need to know. They are checked with your ID and when you press vote they can verify with the receipt in your hand for the candidate you are voting for, you deposit it in the ballot box and it immediately goes to the voting notebook where it records that you exercised your right to vote in this electoral fair,” explained Velásquez.

Likewise, María Félix Rojas, a member of the PSUV political team in the Gómez municipality, expressed: “The electoral fair will familiarize voters with the electoral machine, it is an extremely fast process. We invite all Venezuelans to participate. It is important to bring your identity card.”

Fair and drill

The Electoral Fair will be available every day from 8 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon, until next July 26. Likewise, this Sunday, June 30, the electoral simulation will be carried out in 29 centers located in the island region.

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